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Bose T8S Tonematch Mixer

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Bose T8S Tonematch Mixer
Bose T8S Tonematch Mixer 2
Bose T8S Tonematch Mixer 3
Bose T8S Tonematch Mixer 4

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Take control of your music with the T8S ToneMatch mixer, a compact 8-channel interface designed for performers. Engineered with a powerful DSP engine and intuitive user control, the T8S offers studio-quality EQ, dynamics and effects. Sound great with integrated BoseToneMatch processing and zEQ, especially when connected to a Bose L1 or F1 system for full end-to-end tonal control. Play confidently on stage with the rugged T8S using its tactile controls, easy-to-read LED display and scene recall. The T8S, a true performers companion.


Powerful Audio Processing

  • Updated, studio quality effects with advanced digital audio processing

  • High quality effects include compressor, limiter, de-esser, noise gate, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay and reverb

  • Bose ToneMatch processing for natural sounding vocals and instruments

  • zEQ focuses the sound of ToneMatch presets for effective adjustments on the fly

  • Independent ToneMatch, EQ, dynamics and effects per channel

  • Dedicated reverb on Aux 1 send and a global shared reverb for use across all channels

  • Master output EQ helps compensate for venue acoustics

  • Full end to end tonal optimisation when used with Bose L1 and F1 systems

Seamless Live Control
The T4S/T8S integrates with your performance using illuminated, tactile controls and indicators for spontaneous sound adjustments, even on dimly-lit stages. Jump into settings with the fast-learning, intuitive control interface. Additional features like tap tempo delay, built-in chromatic tuner, master out EQ, and recallable scenes makes it easy to be ready to play. The T4S/T8S is the ultimate on-stage companion for performing artists.

High-Density Connectivity
For its size, the stereo T8S mixer gives you unprecedented connectivity with control. Eight main channels feature high-quality audio preamps with XLR-combo jacks for microphones or instruments, and switchable phantom power. Additionally, the T8S offers four Aux sends, two Aux inputs, USB-A and -B for USB drive playback or PC/Mac interfacing, and a dedicated headphone jack, and balanced 1/4" TRS and XLR stereo outputs.

Convenient Gig-Ready Features
Rugged and ready to go, the T8S includes a protective magnetic cover and a bottom insert allows you to use standard mounting accessories to keep the T8S within reach. Also includes a universal power supply.


* 8x Combo XLR-1/4" mic/line inputs
* 2x Aux inputs
* 4x Aux sends
* 1/4" TRS and XLR analog stereo outputs
* Dedicated headphone output
* USB A and B for drive playback or PC
* Front-panel output meters
* Protective magnetic cover
* Universal power supply
* 214 x 311 x 83 mm (D x W x H)
* 8.4" x 12.25" x 3.25"
* 1.9 kg | 4.1 lbs