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Line 6 Guitar Wireless System

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Line 6 Guitar Wireless System
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Based on patented, fourth-generation technology, Relay is leading the digital wireless revolution for guitarists. The Relay G55 system delivers tour-grade digital wireless in a compact, half-rack formatso you can experience wireless freedom without compromising your tone.

Featuring 12 channels of compander-free 24-bit audio, full 10Hz20kHz frequency response and a wide dynamic range of 117dB (A weighted), the G55 signal is so pure and strong it sounds just like a wired guitar.

2.4GHz SignalFree from Interference
Traditional analog wireless systems are plagued by interference from TV broadcasts, white space devices and countless other sources. Relay G55 operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, so theres no danger of these external sources wreaking havoc with your audio signal. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the most advanced, reliable digital wireless solution available.

Advanced Audio Protection
Line 6 digital wireless systems also use proprietary technologies to prevent audio interference from other 2.4GHz devices. Encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology distinguishes your Relay G55 audio from other third-party signals, including Wi-Fi, ensuring the integrity of your signal.

License-free, Worldwide
If youre confused by the license fees required to operate an analog wireless system, dont worryLine 6 digital wireless systems eliminate that need. Relay G55 is fully FCC compliant and operates license free worldwide, from Hollywood to Tokyo.

4th-generation Digital Wireless Technology
Since its debut, Line 6 digital wireless technology has racked up awards and proven that it offers superior audio quality and reliability compared to analog wireless technology. Now in its fourth generation, Line 6 digital wireless technology is the most mature in the market and continues to set standards in simplicity and performance.

Cable Tone Simulation
Using conventional guitar cables can be limiting, to be surebut they do add an undeniable character to your tone. Selectable Cable Tone technology simulates the subtle frequency roll-off of a standard 25-foot cable, so you can enjoy the sound of a wired guitarwith the freedom of wireless.

One-step Setup
Like all Line 6 digital wireless systems, Relay G55 is incredibly easy to set up. Simply pick any of the 12 available channels and the transmitter and receiver lock together instantly.

Consistent Signal Integrity up to 300 Feet
Whether youre ten feet or 300 feet away from the receiver, Relay digital wireless systems deliver the same, consistent, dependable signal quality. Unlike using analog wireless systems, theres no increased risk of interference or signal degradation as you move further from the receiver. You can perform with full confidence, right up to the range limits of your Relay G55 system.

Mix and Match to Create the Ultimate Live Sound Rig
Need a flexible and scalable live sound setup for your band, performance group or permanent installation? Relay G30, G50, G55 and XD-V35, XD-V55 and XD-V75 systems share the same technology, making it incredibly easy to mix and match instrument and vocal systems to suit your needs. Use up to 12 Relay G55 systems simultaneouslyor combine Relay and XD-V productsto create a rig ready for any live sound scenario.*

*Compatible units must be running same RF modesee FAQ for more information.

Clear Visual Status
Relay G55 transmitter and receiver units provide clear displays of essential system information. The bodypack transmitter features a clear LCD screen for selecting channels and provides an instant check on your battery level. The receiver offers bright five-segment LEDs that let you monitor RF strength, battery status and audio levels.

Tour-grade Hardware
Relay G55 is built for rock-solid performance night after night. Featuring a robust metal body, the bodypack transmitter is rugged, reliable and ready for the road. The receiver is housed in a solid aluminum chassis and fits easily on top of an amplifier, while the optional rack mount kit makes it easy to adapt Relay G55 to any professional installation.

* Patented, 4th-generation digital wireless technology
* All-metal, half-rack receiver designed for rack-mount* or amp-top use, plus durable metal bodypack
* Full-range 24-bit digital conversion, 10Hz20kHz (-2.5dB) frequency response
* Wide 117dB dynamic range (A weighted), superior transient response
* Operates in 2.4GHz band, free from interference from TV broadcasting, white space devices and cell phone towers
* Up to 12 simultaneous channels
* DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology protects your signal
* 300-foot transmission range
* License-free operation worldwide
* Cable Tone simulates the high-frequency roll-off characteristics of a standard 25-foot cable
* XLR and 1/4 outputs