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Mapex - Saturn Evolution 5-Piece Shell Pack (22,10,12,14,16) - Tuscan Yellow

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Mapex - Saturn Evolution 5-Piece Shell Pack (22,10,12,14,16) - Tuscan Yellow
Mapex - Saturn Evolution 5-Piece Shell Pack (22,10,12,14,16) - Tuscan Yellow 2

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Mapex Canada is proud to introduce a revolutionary new drum line - Saturn Evolution
Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the Black Panther Design Lab Series, Mapex decided to introduce the same revolutionary features to their Saturn Series drums. In addition to Soniclear bearing edges, isolation gaskets, airflow venting, Sonic Pedestal isolating feet and chamber specific designed shells, Saturn Evolution introduces the HALO tom mounting system.

New Mapex Halo Tom Mount
The revolutionary new Mapex Halo Mount is featured on all Saturn Evolution toms and unlocks the freedom of full resonance. Using a Lateral "under lug-line" suspension system, this ground breaking isolation mount, allows the shell the freedom to breath, delivering a pure, open tone.

Saturn Evolution Shells
The brand new Saturn Evolution series highlights the full range of the renowned Saturn sound. Using hybrid shells of Maple/Walnut and Birch/Walnut combinations in a full range of sizes and "cross-over" finishes, Saturn Evolution offers limitless combinations to customize your sound

• Maple/Walnut Shells
• Soniclear2 Halo Tom Mount system
• Chamber Specific shell construction
• Nodal Line airflow venting
• Low Density Isolation Gaskets
• SAS Static Floor Tom legs
• Sonic Pedestal Feet
• SonicSaver Hoops

22 x 18" Bass Drum
10 x 8" Tom
12 x 9" Tom
14 x 14" Floor Tom
16 x 16" Floor Tom