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Orange Amplifiers - CR60C

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Orange Amplifiers - CR60C
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The new high power Crush range heralds a new dawn for Orange Amplifiers. These mark Oranges first foray into the world of high power, solid-state guitar amps. The reason it has taken so long? We have yet to be happy with the sound, that is, until now.

Orange have spent years researching, developing and testing a solid-state amplifier which they are truly proud of. The Orange design team felt it was important to keep these amplifiers simple and not bombard the player with hundreds of on board features. The result is an analogue, solid-state, two channel (dirty and clean) amplifier based on the prestigious Rockerverb range. The dirty channel use a circuit based on four stages of gain and a three band EQ which provide the player with a wide pallet of over-driven and distorted sounds. The clean channel is based on a two stage, two band EQ design, that gives the player a clean but warm sound which when cranked begins to break up, just like a Rockerverb!

Although simplistic in its design, we have also given the amplifiers a transparent effects loop, allowing you to plug in your favourite pedals to open the amplifier up to a wide variety of situations and playing styles. Finally, the amplifier contains an inbuilt digital reverb, providing the player with a natural sounding spring, hall or plate reverb.

Like with all our amplifiers, the look had to be right, the Crush exhibit the same features as their valve based brothers which includes Orange basket-weave Tolex, woven speaker grille, beading, hieroglyphs and of course the Orange signature picture frame edging.

The Crush CR60C is a 60W solid-state combo made from 18mm ply and loaded with Oranges own 112″ 60W, 16 Ohm Voice of the World speakers. Like all of the parts in our products, these speakers are of the highest quality, both in terms of construction and tone. The Voice of the Worlds combined with the analogue solid-state circulatory gives the CR60C the tonal clarity and definition players adore in an Orange amplifier.

The Crush CR60C has been designed to look and sound the part be it in a rehearsal, in a living room or on the stage.

* Two ChanneL
* Digital Reverb


* Clean Channel: Volume, Bass and Treble. Dirty Channel: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain. * Global: Volume and Reverb.

Output Power (Heads and Combos)
* 60 Watts

Power Handling (Cabinets)
* NA

Valves (Heads and Combos)
* NA (Solid State)

Speaker Output options (Heads)
* NA

Speakers (Combos and Cabinets)
* 1 x 12, 60 Watt, 16 Ohm Voice of the World

Impedance (Cabinets)
* NA

Extension Cabinet Options (Combos)
* 1 x 16 Ohm

Unboxed Dimensions
H (cm) 45, (in) 17.72
W (cm) 55, (in) 21.65
D (cm) 29, (in) 11.42

Unboxed Weight
* KG 20.25
* Lb 44.64