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Electro-Harmonix - EHX TORTION

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Electro-Harmonix - EHX TORTION
Electro-Harmonix - EHX TORTION 2

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Our flagship overdrive/distortion covers vast tonal real estate and redefines versatility. Like a database of great tone, the EHX TORTIONs full complement of features and controls make dialing in inspired guitar sound intuitive. Whatever the era, from vintage to modern, your search for the ultimate tone has ended.

- JFET overdrive for tube-like response and tone
- Boost switch with independent Volume and Gain for two-channel flexibility
- 4-way Pre-Gain selector, plus Treble, Middle and Bass for complete sound control
- Use it as a preamp balanced XLR output with cabinet emulation
- 9.6DC-200 Power supply included