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Hotone Chunk

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Hotone Chunk
Hotone Chunk 2

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The Hotone CHUNK stompbox is all about helping you achieve that vintage British Tone that has endured the

test of time.

This pedal will give you that classic crunch, while still remaining smooth and clear. As you dial up the gain you

will feel as if are adding more and more cabinets to your vintage stack.

Chunk is your little friend with that big British sound.

Based on the legendary British amplifier, the specially optimized classic Crunch circuit has 4 diodes which
were selected from thousands of models.

This pedal will take you through time from the 70s to 90s and even hover in punk, hard rock, and heavy metal.

The high gain tone never affects string resolution when strumming and does away with that annoying
background noise,so that the “noise” you make is the kind you want to hear.


190 g


44mm(W) × 74mm(D) × 44mm(H)

Current Consumption

18 mA