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Jackson Audio Bloom

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Jackson Audio Bloom

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The Bloom from Jackson Audio is a comprehensive dynamic engine that is designed to give guitarists maximum dynamic tonal control by manipulating the dynamics of the instrument by way of precisely tuned optical compression, equalization, boost and sustain circuits which can be activated separately or in tandem with each other. The Bloom V2 takes everything people love about the original and updates it with MIDI.
Features an optical limiting circuit that takes its inspiration from compressors designed during the golden age of vacuum tube circuits, providing a subtle, transparent tone
Frequency response of the compressor section is flat and does not boost or cut any of your highs or lows
"Slide Mode" offers the ability to use two compressors in series, resulting in notes that sustain almost endlessly and oftentimes break out into harmonic feedback while still remaining clear and clean
Blend control allows the player to blend in their clean, unaffected signal back in with the compressed signal
EQ circuit features a studio-grade EQ that gives tremendous tonal flexibility to the Bloom