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Yeti 1400 V2

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Engineered from the ground up, the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium is one of the most versatile and innovative power stations on the market, mobile app enabled to allow you to control ports and monitor power usage right from your phone. Built-in surge allowances and multi-stage protection means great compatibility with more devices ranging from lights to laptops, refrigerators to power tools, giving you the confidence to power anything, anywhere. Yeti App also ensures you always have the latest features and functions as they get released.

Gas generator alternative. Goal Zero's Yeti Lithium 1400 has NO fumes & makes NO noise. Plug'n'play back up & portable power source for the home, office, cottage or workshop. 100% safe to use indoors.
10 Power Ports: AC, 12V, USB, USB-C. Higher surge capacities for greater compatibility with more power-hungry devices.

Ultra-safe Lithium Battery, state-of-the-art system prevents over-charge/current or short circuit. Battery encased in water-tight case. Allows for user-replacement & lends to a long product lifecycle.
Informative display featuring a runtime/recharge time estimator, as well as a battery level monitor & an output/input meter.