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Ibanez - ICTB721BKF

SKU: 758173 Model: ICTB721BKF Serial: I220605788
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Ibanez - ICTB721BKF
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The Iron Label line was originally developed with metal and nothing but metal in mind. They're purposefully spartan, and you won't find a feature here that doesn't contribute directly to a bone rattling, earth shattering tones these guitars pump out. Carrying forward that same philosophy, the next generation of Iron Label guitars take this raw metal energy to a completely new level. They sport totally blacked out looks, and their supercharged electronics amounting to some of the heaviest-swinging metal axes Ibanez has ever produced.

* Wizard II-7 5pc Maple/Walnut neck - Ibanez's thin, flat and fast Wizard neck is strong and sturdy and offers unlimited playability for demanding players.
* Ebony produces tight lows and mid range with a strong attack in the high end and features a quick response and rich sustain.
* The Okoume body provides a bright and solid sound.
* DiMarzio® D-Activator pickups have a powerful, clean, and open sound with excellent harmonic overtones and very tight low-end response.
* The Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads achieve incredible tuning stability, cutting down string-changing time.
* Designed for both stability and sustain, the innovative Ibanez Mono-Rail bridge minimizes cross-talk between strings
* The luminescent side dot position marks make it easy for players to see fretboard position marks when performing on dark stages.

neck type: Wizard II-75pc Maple/WalnutNeck-through
top/back/body: Okoume body
fretboard: Ebony fretboard
fret: Jumbo frets
number of frets: 24
bridge: Mono-rail bridge
string space: 10.8mm
neck pickup: DiMarzio® D-Activator-7(H) neck pickupPassive/Ceramic
bridge pickup: DiMarzio® D-Activator-7(H) bridge pickupPassive/Ceramic
factory tuning: 1D,2A,3F,4C,5G,6D,7A
strings: D'Addario® XL-140+ .064
hardware colour: Black