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Yamaha Band - YTS480

SKU: 369736 Model: YTS480 Serial: d47266
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Yamaha Band - YTS480
Yamaha Band - YTS480 2

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The YAS/YTS-480 saxophones are a step ahead. With a little bit more resistance, they have an authoritative sound yet a great flexibility due to the separated key guards.

Ergonomics, playability and intonation are excellent as you would expect from Yamaha.

Based on the popular YAS/YTS-475 the new YAS/YTS-480 saxophones feature an improved low B-C# connection for better adjustment while the new octave key system (from the 62 Series) facilitates the use of custom necks.


Hand engraving:
A hand-engraved pattern on the bell adds an extra touch of class.

Compatible with other necks:
The redesigned octave key system gives players the flexibility to choose between the included 62-style neck and those designed for the Custom Z and Custom EX Yamaha saxophones (sold separately).

Improved Low B-C# connection:
An improved mechanism from low B-C# ensures the consistent closing of the low C# key and promotes a clear response from notes in the low range of the instrument.

The 62-style neck has been designed for improved tone and response.

Key guard:
The separate key guards feature adjustable screw cap stoppers for professional-style technical adjustments.

Left-hand seesaw key:
The left-hand seesaw key has been designed to increase playability as well as provide a more comfortable feel.


Body Finish: Gold lacquer
Auxiliary Keys: High F# , Front F
Key buttons material: Polyester
Thumb hook: Adjustable
Key: Bb