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Shure - SM7B

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Shure - SM7B

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Whether it's broadcast, podcast or recording, the SM7B captures smooth, warm vocals that connect the speaker to the listener.

The SM7B dynamic microphone has a smooth, flat, wide-range frequency response that preserves the natural beauty of the sound it captures. The classic cardioid pattern is designed to reject off-axis audio. So you can sing or speak at a comfortable angle and it captures the sound, just as you want it, with minimum coloration.

In addition to it's standard windscreen, it also includes the A7WS windscreen for close-talk applications.

The SM7B is an outstanding choice for the following applications:
* Recording StudioInstrumental and Vocal
* Location Recording
* Podcasts and interviews
* Motion Picture and Television Scoring
* Television, Talk Shows, and News Desks
* Radio Announcing and Production
* Narration

* Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech
* Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting
* Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors
* Internal "air suspension" shock isolation virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission
* Highly effective pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals or narration
* Includes A7WS detachable windscreen, designed to reduce plosive sounds and gives a warmer tone for close-talk vocals
* Classic cardioid polar pattern, uniform with frequency and symmetrical about axis, to provide maximum rejection and minimum coloration of off-axis sound
* Also useful for close-miking instruments in studio where warm and smooth full-frequencies are a must
* Rugged construction and excellent cartridge protection for outstanding reliability

Type: Dynamic (moving coil)
Frequency Response: 50 to 20,000 Hz
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Output Impedance: 150 Ω
Sensitivity: -59 dBV/Pa (1.12 mV)