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Radial - R800 7085

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Radial - R800 7085

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Combination PZ booster and preamp
Two inputs: two instruments or blend/mix
Parametric EQ and notch filter

Four outputs: amp, tuner and two DI outs
Works with any instrument!

The Radial Tonebone PZ-Pre is the most powerful acoustic preamplifier ever to be put inside a pedal. And when we say acoustic, we do not just mean acoustic guitar; we mean ANY acoustic instrument including banjo, violin, cello, mandolin, contrabass, bouzouki or lute. The magic of the PZ-Pre lies in the combination of high performance 100% discrete class-A piezo boosters, an ultra-quiet preamp circuitry that will adapt to any pickup system and a host of connectivity options that put you in control of any situation.
The PZ-Pre features two inputs for quick instrument changes on stage, a powerful yet warm sounding semi-parametric EQ to tailor your sound, plus a host of feedback eliminating controls including: a dual-Q notch filter to surgically remove feedback points, a high-pass filter to cut low frequency resonance and a phase reverse switch to optimize the acoustic environment on stage. The PZ-Pre is equipped with three separate outputs: a " on-stage instrument amp out, a balanced XLR pre-EQ direct out for the house mix and a balanced XLR post EQ out for stage monitors or in-ears. A dedicated tuner out with mute switch is provided for quiet on-stage tuning as well as an effects loop and power booster to add sizzle and dynamics to the performance!

Compact and easy to use, the Radial PZ-Pre packs in all of the features you need to take your acoustic instrument from home to studio and club to concert.