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Tone gourmets loved it in blue, now the Traynor YCV50 is clad in sophisticated black and it looks even better. Everything else is exactly as it was on the blue version and that includes real tube overdrive provided by three premium 12AX7A dual triode preamp tubes while 50 watts of real tube power is provided by two EL34s.

Silent (no pop)channel switching provides flexibility while well-thought-out controls make it easy to dial in great tone without indulging in rocket science. Add in Celestion's rich sounding Vintage 30 speaker and the results can only be described as magical.

The three basic tones (clean, crunch and overdrive) are easily defined and are there even at low levels thanks to the Master volume control. The voicing of the lead channel has been tweaked to provide a more ominous or darker "British" tone, a natural evolution for an amp powered by EL34s as this complements the tubes' natural tonal characteristics. The clean channel's performance has been tailored more along classic, rich-sounding North American lines.

Although signal-to-noise is not normally something you might expect to hear about where guitar amplifiers are concerned, the ultra-quiet Custom Valve 50 makes it worth mentioning. Even die-hard studio pros appreciate the auto-matching tube circuit that maintains bias balance as tubes age, ensuring hum free performance ideal for miking-up the speaker. Meanwhile DC filaments and chassis-shielding on the preamp tubes all but eliminate preamp hum, perfect for direct-lining to the recording or PA desk. And all this golden silence has come at no cost to available gain levels which are potentially monstrous.

- 100% Designed & Manufactured in Canada
- All-tube design with two EL34 and three 12AX7A Premium tubes
- A Single 12 inch Celestion Vintage30 speaker for great classic sound and performance
- All plywood for the construction of the cabinet guarantees the durability and rigidity that made Traynor famous
- Separate tone controls on each of the two channels (lead and clean) for flexibility
- Classic Long-Style Accutronics Reverb, with dual springs, for authentic vintage sound
- External speaker jack for the ultimate in versatility
- Traynor TFS-2B latching dual-footswitch, with 10-foot cable included
- A special DC powered filament supply on preamp tubes ensures reduced hum
- Auto-balancing bias supply means no need for matched pairs of output tubes or bias adjustments, allowing extremely easy emergency tube replacement
- Fully regulated power supply ensures ultra low noise with tube rectifier emulation
- Heavy gauge perforated grille with black cover
- Custom design "Chicken Beak" knobs

* Type: Tube Guitar Amplifier
* Cabinet Impedance (Ohms): 8
* Power @ min. impedance (Watts): 50
* Minimum Impedance (Ohms): 4
* Speaker Configuration - LF (Size / Power): 12 inch / 40 Watts
* Inputs: 1
* Channel 1 - Inputs: 1/4 inch phone
* Channel 1 - Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle
* Channel 1 - Switches: Boost
* Channel 2 - Inputs: Shares ch 1 input
* Channel 2 - Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle
* Channel 2 - Switches: Channel Select, Brightness
* Channel Switching: Yes
* Master Volume Control: Yes
* Line Out (type / configuration): 1/4 inch TRS / Rear (Effects Send)
* Effects Loop / Location: Yes / Rear
* Effects Footswitch / Function: Yes / Channel Select, Boost
* Internal Reverb / Effects: Spring Reverb
* LED Indicators: Channel Select, Boost, Power, Standby
* External speaker output / location: 1/4 inch / Rear
* Standby Switch: Activates standby mode to keep the tubes warm while the amp is not in use.
* Auto Tube-matching Circuit
* Preamp Tube: 3x 12AX7WA Dual Triodes (Russia)
* Power Amp Tube: 2x EL34 Early Mullard Style
* DC filaments on preamp tubes eliminate hum
* Perforated Steel Grille
* Dimensions (DWH, inches): 9.5 x 23 x 18
* Dimensions (DWH, cm): 24 x 58 x 46
* Weight (lbs / kg): 50.3 / 22.8