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Line 6 - L6XDV55

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Line 6 - L6XDV55

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For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters, the XD-V55 family sets new standards for reliability, ease of use and superior audio quality. All XD-V55 systems both handheld and bodypack feature patented digital technologies that deliver sound so impressive they inspire confident, great sounding performances. Including a handheld system featuring four superb microphone models, a lavalier system with three EQ filter models and a headset featuring a high-end omnidirectional microphone capsule, the XD-V55 family is the right choice. The mic modeling delivers great sound, which remains pristine from your lips to your audiences ears thanks to the 24-bit performance. DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology keeps your signal safe the entire time.

General Features
*300-foot extended range
*12 frequencies - use up to 12 systems simultaneously
*Line 6 microphone modeling (handheld systems) or EQ filter modeling
*Patented, 4th-generation digital wireless technology

Receiver Features
*Three 5-segment LEDs for monitoring RF strength, battery status, and audio levels at all times
*Robust aluminum chassis
*Dynamic Filter to combat unwanted environment noise
*2 BNC antenna inputs for antenna connection

Handheld Transmitter Mic Features
*Dynamic microphone capsule with cardioid polar pattern
*Robust polycarbonate body resistant to handling noise
*Channel selector for matching the channel with the receiver
*Interchangeable microphone capsules compatible with other industry-standard mic capsules
*Lock mode to prevent changes during performance
*Power control