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The WMS40 Mini Dual Vocal/Instrumental Set is a true plug'n play wireless solution. "Up and running" in a second, it is the optimum wireless solution for small stages, clubs, places of worship, hotels, and gyms.

The included PT40 Mini body-pack transmitter provides a professional 3pin mini XLR connector, compatible with guitar and bass levels, headsets and instrumental mics. The included HT40 Mini handheld transmitter features a dynamic cardioid capsule for maximum gain before feedback. Their extremely long battery life of 30 hours off a single AA battery saves money in day-to-day use. The receiver offers two balanced outputs via 1/4" jack connectors.


1 x SR40 Dual Mini Receiver
1 x PT40 Mini Body-Pack transmitter
1 x HT40 Mini Handheld transmitter
1 x Universal power supply

Key Specifications

Carrier frequency range 660 to 865 MHz
Modulation FM
Audio bandwidth 40 to 20,000 Hz
Frequency stability (-10C to +50C) 15 kHz
T.H.D. at 1 kHz typ. 0.8%
Compander integrated
Signal/noise ratio typ. 105 dB(A)
RF output typ. Max. 10 mW
Power requirement single 1.5-V AA size battery
Battery life > 30 hours