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Shure - P3TR112GR-H20

SKU: 762977 Model: P3TR112GR-H20 Serial: 3ai11631376
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PSM300 Stereo Personal Monitor Systems deliver reliable wireless freedom to every corner of the stage. Patented Audio Reference Companding ensures the clearest sound, with ultra-low noise and no artifacts.

  • Features stereo and mono mode options and clear, 24-bit digital audio

  • Provides up to 15 compatible frequencies per band

  • Delivers a 24 MHz tuning bandwidth (regionally dependent)

Easy to setup and operate, PSM 300 systems offer one-touch frequency scan and sync to find and assign a clean wireless channel. Adjust the volume and use MixMode technology or stereo mode to create a personal mix from two channels of audio.

* 24-Bit digital audio provides clear, detailed sound
* Up to 15 channels that are simple to use due to pre-programmed Groups and Channels
* Send a stereo or mono mix wirelessly to performers onstage
* One-touch IR sync instantly links transmitter to bodypack receiver
* MixMode® delivers L/R levels independently to create a personal mix for each bodypack
* Solid analog RF connection over a 300 ft (90 m) range
* Up to 7 hours of use from two AA batteries
* Includes P3T wireless transmitter, P3R wireless bodypack receiver and SE112 sound isolating earphones, rackmount and hardware kits, wave antenna, BNC bulkhead adapter, BNC cable, power supply, 2 AA batteries, zipper bag, and user guide