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Maestro Effects - MOCIDP

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Maestro Effects - MOCIDP

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The Invader is a high-gain, all-analog modern distortion pedal with an aggressive, dominant sonic character and rich harmonics, generating a wide range of distorted sounds. The 3-knob control layout offers intuitive control over Gain (distortion amount), Tone, and output Level, with more than enough volume on tap to easily exceed unity gain when desired. Players can also engage a built-in noise gate with the top panel toggle switch. An internal trim pot mounted on the circuit board inside the pedal allows adjustments to the level of the noise gate's Threshold. The true bypass footswitch triggers the LED lights in the bugles in the Maestro logo when it's on, so you'll always know when the effect is active.

* Controls: Gain, Tone, Level; internal noise gate Threshold trim pot
* Internal Trim Pot: An internal trim pot on the circuit board allows the user to adjust the level of the noise gate's Threshold. Using a small screwdriver, turn this control up for a higher Threshold level, and down for a lower Threshold level.
* Switches: True Bypass footswitch, Gate On/Gate Off toggle switch
* LED Indicators: Red, yellow, and blue bugles in the Maestro logo illuminate when the pedal is active
* Signal Processing: All-Analog
* Power Requirements: 9V battery or regulated 9-12 VDC power supply (5.5 x 2.1mm plug, wired center-negative) *Running the pedal at 12V provides increased headroom
* Current Draw: 56.7 mA
* Power On Switch: Incorporated into the input jack. Unplug the input when not in use to prevent battery drain. Remove the battery when the pedal is going to be stored for long periods to prevent leakage and damage.
* Input Impedance: 100K ohms
* Output Impedance: 100 ohms
* Switching: True Bypass
* Dimensions (D x W x H): 5.04" x 3.45" x 2.5", including feet, knobs, jacks, etc
* Weight (Including Battery): 1.1 lbs. / 0.5kg