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Hercules - INPULSE T7

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Hercules - INPULSE T7

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Today's modern DJs have taken to spinning on digital controllers with motorized jog wheels, vinyl discs, and slipmats that pay homage to the first DJs who paved the way for their modern success. Hercules has tapped into the emotional connection to historical spinning with their own modern take on a DJ controller that emphasizes the tactile feeling of vinyl turntables. DJs who want to take their first steps towards spinning on vinyl can now choose the DJControl Inpulse T7 motorized DJ controller.

DJControl Inpulse T7 includes the Serato DJ Lite software and all of its features. It's compatible with Serato DJ Pro, so that you can enjoy the maximum number of features.

Beatmatch Guide
Enable the Beatmatch Guide supported by both DJUCED and Serato DJ Lite, to learn how to manually cue up tracks. You can disable this feature once you've mastered the moves you need to make.

More Comfortable Than Ever
The same moves you would make on vinyl records. Two 7-inch/17.8-cm motorized jog wheels for DJs to nudge as they spin. Authentic turntable materials, for authentic DJ moves.

DJ Academy
Learn how to mix with tips from pro DJs. Easily learn how to mix thanks to incredibly helpful video tutorials made by pros, and get started mixing.

In the Box:
- Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7
- 2 x felt slipmats + 2 x 7-inch / 17.8-cm replica vinyl records
- Braided USB cable
- Power adapter + removable power cable
- Instruction manual and warranty information leaflet
- DJUCED® and Serato DJ Lite licenses


- 2 pairs of Master outputs (speakers): 2 x XLR + 2 x RCA
- 2 headphones outputs: 1/4" / 6.35 mm stereo jack + 1/8" / 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack
- Microphone input: 1/4" / 6.35 mm jack (balanced)
- Audio resolution: 44.1 kHz / 24-bit

- 33-1/3 RPM motorized metal platters (can switch to 45 RPM in Serato DJ Pro)
- Felt slipmats and vinyl records are held in place by the central axis

- Per deck: 1 filter knob, 3 EQ knobs, 1 gain knob, 1 volume fader, 1 VU meter
- General: 1 crossfader, master volume knob, microphone volume knob, headphones volume knob, Cue to Mix knob, Master VU meter
- Effects rack: 2 x 3 Fx Select buttons
- 2 paddles, 1 control knob, Beat -/+ buttons
- Platter with touch detection, 3.9 inch / 10cm tempo fader, Play/Pause, Cue, Shift, Sync
- 8 pads 8 modes (Hot Cue, Loop, Stems...)
- Browser knob, Assistant, Range, Loop, Loop In/Out, Instrumental/Vocal, Pitch Bend