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Shown with optional matching snare (LSP146WSS $629.99) in the last picture.

The Fat Spruce kit features luxurious 100% Spruce shells, which is rarely used as a material on complete drum sets. Its unique sound is fat and resonant with solid mids and a natural pure tone. Furthermore, by utilizing die-cast hoops, it provides a very clear, focused attack.
It also has a very wide tuning range, making it suitable for a number of music styles. The drums sound great tuned up high for jazz, but also perform well at low to medium tension, optimal for R&B, Blues, Indie Rock and Ballads.

All Spruce Shells
(TT/FT) 6ply, 5mm / (BD) 8ply, 7mm

Direct Flexi-Mount
This Direct-Flexi Mount utilizes a two-piece structure - a plate that is mounted to the shell, and another piece that receives the L-rod of a tom holder/stand. These two parts are hinged together using a steel shaft, allowing some slight horizontal play when striking the drum. This controls the vibration of the shell while still allowing it to resonate more freely than traditional direct-to-shell mounts. This in turn provides sustain and smooth decay for a smooth, transparent sound that draws out the intrinsic characteristics of the shell material.

Die-Cast Hoops
Hoops not only affect drum tuning; they also affect drum sound. That's why the choice of hoops was so important to the designers of TAMA's professional drum lines. We choose zinc die-cast hoops, which are manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds. Die-cast hoops have more density and are more consistent in shape than triple flanged hoops, which are manufactured by bending metal plates. Die-cast hoops make tuning more consistent and easier to achieve because the tension bolts always contact the hoop properly. Drums fitted with die-cast hoops also offer crisper attack, clear and resonant highs and much more powerful rim shots.

14x20" Bass Drum
8x12" Tom Tom
14x14" Floor Tom
Single Tom Holder