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Line 6 - L6XDV75L

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Line 6 - L6XDV75L

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For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters, the lisence-free XD-V75 family sets new standards for versatility, reliability, ease of use and superior audio quality. All XD-V75 systems both handheld and bodypack feature patented digital technologies that deliver sound so impressive they inspire confident, great sounding performances. Including a handheld system featuring ten superb microphone models, a lavalier system with nine EQ filter models, a headset featuring a high-end omnidirectional microphone capsule, and a bodypack unit to fit a favorite headset mic or lavalier of your own, the XD-V75 family is the right choice. The mic modeling delivers great sound, which remains pristine from your lips to your audiences ears thanks to the 24-bit performance. DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology keeps your signal safe the entire time.

For the professional vocalist, the XD-V75 handheld system puts 10 superb microphone models right in your hand, including nine that are based on the worlds most popular live sound mics from Shure, Sennheiser and others. With the touch of a button on the microphone, you can find the mic model that best fits your unique voice.

Every vocalist knows that you sound your best when you can perform with confidence. The unique versatility and reliability of XD-V75 systems ensure a great performance every time you hit the stage.

Featuring 24-bit precision for a full frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz and a wide dynamic range of up to 120dB (A weighted), the signal from an XD-V75 digital wireless system is so clear and strong that it sounds and performs as if youre using a wired microphone.

Unlike analog wireless systems, XD-V75 digital wireless systems never use signal companding to compress and expand the signal, so you always have full dynamic range. XD-V wireless systems allow you to convey every nuance of your performance to the audience in the most natural way, with crystal clarity. In addition to preventing unintentional handling noise, the adjustable dynamic filter reduces unwanted ambient noise, while preserving natural vocal articulation.

Each XD-V75 system is built for rock-solid performance night after night. The aluminum receiver is complemented by the durable polycarbonate handheld transmitter mic. All XD-V75 systems include rack ears, antenna relocation accessories and rack-mounting hardware, making it easy to adapt them to any professional installation.

* 300-foot range
* 14 always-available channels - use up to 14 systems simultaneously
* Line 6 microphone modeling (handheld systems) or EQ filter modeling (Lavalier, Headset, TR)

Receiver Features:
* Large back-lit LCD display for advanced configuration and monitoring
* Three 5-segment LEDs for monitoring RF strength, battery status and audio levels at all times
* Robust aluminum chassis
* Signal encryption
* Dynamic Filter to combat unwanted environment noise
* Gain control to optimize receiver output
* Channel Scanning for RF management in multi-system applications
* 2 powered BNC antenna outputs for daisy-chaining multiple systems
* 2 BNC antenna inputs for antenna connection
* Rackmount kit included

Body Pack Features:
* Robust metal body
* Standard TA4 mini-XLR input for integrating third-party microphones
* LCD display for selecting channels, battery status, EQ filter and more
* Lock mode to prevent changes during performance
* Low Power Mode for extending battery life

Lavalier Features:
* Premium cardioid condenser microphone
* Discreet clothing attachment