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VMS One Ultra-linear Mic Preamp

SKU: 690529 Model: VMS ONE Serial: SLA-VMS-5460
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VMS One Ultra-linear Mic Preamp
VMS One Ultra-linear Mic Preamp 2

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The VMS ONE Mic Pre is a fully linear, totally transparent microphone preamp with impeccable phase response designed to be used with the VMS Modeling system. It is also capable of standalone operation.

The VMS-ONE preamp ensures that your A/D converter sees the flattest signal possible from the ML-1 microphone. It utilizes state-of-the-art amplifiers to produce the purest and most linear signal possible, giving the VMS plugin module the ability to transform your recordings with hyper-accurate reproductions of classic microphones and preamps.

The VMS ONE Mic Pre has controls for output volume, pad, phase, mic / line input selection, and phantom power. It also has an on/off switch.


* 57 dB maximum gain
* -2dBu in max input level without pad
* +18dBu maximum input level with pad
* +27dBu max output
* -30 in = +27 out with full gain
* -30 in adjusted to +4 out, noise below 100dBu