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Sabian - 21402XCB

SKU: 703492 Model: 21402XCB Serial: 0640338
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Sabian - 21402XCB
Sabian - 21402XCB 2

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The 14" AAX Medium Hats from SABIAN introduce a whole new palette of sound to the AAX line. A smaller, raw bell results in crispy, versatile hi-Hats that blend nicely into mainstream sounds. The foot is very solid, and the thinner-sounding weight of this medium pairing makes them ideal for studio recording. The completely new hammering style - much more visible on the surface of the cymbal due to the larger, rounder peen - makes for a more complex and slightly darker pair of Hats. At the same time, more highs are introduced into the sound, resulting in a wider band of frequency. For drummers, that means brighter highs and more complex lows. SABIAN has always pushed the boundaries of innovation, using the latest manufacturing technology to answer new trends in music and sound. AAX Medium Hats are no exception, answering the call for thinner, faster, more complex cymbals.