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Dr. Z - GHIA-1X10-35

SKU: 786966 Model: GHIA-1X10-35 Serial: HH72228
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Dr. Z - GHIA-1X10-35
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Marking its 35th Anniversary in business, Dr. Z presents the Carmen Ghia as a 1x10 combo, an amplifier design that has been in continual production in their lineup and is the first model sold under the Dr. Z banner. The Carmen Ghia is the distillation of the company's goal: manageable volume, jaw-dropping tone, without compromise, utilizing a pure, direct signal path from amp, to speaker, to audience.

The 35th Anniversary edition of the Carmen Ghia is built to the exact same specifications as it always has been, hand-wired by veteran builders in the Cleveland, OH shop. An important added feature is a post-phase inverter master volume (PPIMV) that has been specifically integrated into the circuit to achieve versatile low-volume overdrive, but remain entirely out of the signal path when turned to its maximum setting. Pair this with a light weight 1x10 cabinet loaded with a WGS Veteran 30 10" speaker (the first Dr. Z/WGS pairing in company history), and you have a unique, yet simple, elegant, but easy to dial-in amplifier perfect for small gigs, studio sessions, prayer/worship use, and at-home practice. To top off its 35th birthday with a "cherry," Dr. Z has hand-selected his favourite EL84 variant for this amp, a pair of NOS 6n14n power tubes, matched and tested, making the amp ready for years of rugged reliability and rich tone.

The Ghia 1x10 combo is in limited production through 2023 and comes branded with a 35th Anniversary commemorative badge on its grill cloth, as well a special Certificate of Authenticity signed by its designer, Mike Zaite, aka Dr.Z.


Output Power: 18 Watts
Output Tubes: 2 - NOS Mil Spec 6n14n (EL84 variant)
Preamp Tubes: 2 - 12AX7/ECC83
Rectifier: 5Y3
Controls: Volume, Tone, Master
Configuration: 1x10 Combo w/ WGS Veteran 30 10" speaker and 35th Anniversary badge
Dimensions (W x H x D): 17 1/2" x 17" x 10"
Weight: 30 lbs