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The new Aston Element is a side-fire single pattern cardioid microphone, utilising an all-new 'Ridyon'™ capsule technology for superior performance at low cost. Like all Aston mics, Element incorporates a huge amount of innovation. Everything from the capsule technology, the chassis design, the magnetic pop filter, and even the backlit phantom power indicator go well beyond the limits of products normally sold at this price point.

Not only is Element extremely affordable, but it will consistently outperform all mics in its class. This can be said with confidence because over 4000 customers from all across the world have helped Aston to define the sound of Element in peer-reviewed blind listening tests against the biggest brands in the business. Over a 3-month public testing period, the sound of the mic was developed using data collected from these comparison tests, which included major brand competitors such as Blue, Rode, AKG, Audio Technica, and Neumann.

Ridyon™ capsule technology
The mic itself boasts brand new 'Ridyon'™ capsule technology, combining the best elements of all 3 existing classes of microphone. Utilising 48 V phantom power, the mic's incredibly lightweight Active-moving-coil-diaphragm delivers high end condenser mic sensitivity and performance, with the punchy bass and rejection capability of a great dynamic mic and the open, natural, sound of a ribbon.

Ships complete with a custom shock mount and pop shield.

* The sound you voted for - mic voicing developed by multi-stage public vote
* Proprietary capsule design - another first from Aston microphones
* Glowing backlit purple badge - Switch on phantom power and see the awesome, deep purple glow
* Eco friendly packaging - No unnecessary frills, just well designed, re-usable and recyclable