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Vox VM50 HG Mini Valve 50W High Gain Amp

SKU: 684982 Model: MV50HG Serial: 00000505
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Vox VM50 HG Mini Valve 50W High Gain Amp
Vox VM50 HG Mini Valve 50W High Gain Amp 2

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Equipped with the next-generation vacuum tube Nutube, and featuring a stunningly light-weight design of only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.), these amp heads boast a high 50W of output power. As its name implies, the sound of the MV50 High Gain is optimized for high gain. Equipped with a MID CONTROL SWITCH that boosts or cuts the mid-frequency range, this amp gives you a versatile range, delivering edgy sounds with a boosted high and low end that are perfect for riffing or a thick lead sound.

* Only 540 grams (1.1 lbs.)! An ultra-compact head amp that you can easily carry in one hand.
* In spite of its size, monster-class sound power with 50W output.
* Features Nutube, the new vacuum tube that utilizes vacuum fluorescent display technology.
* Analog circuitry based on a pure design philosophy.
* EQ switch provides sound that's the perfect match for the size of the cabinet being used.
* Speaker emulated line/headphone output jack mimics the know-how of a recording engineer.
* Retro-chic design with mirror-finish front & VU meter.
* An excellent match for the BC108 or BC112 from VOXs Black Cabinet Series.

* Input/Output Jacks: INPUT x 1, LINE/PHONES x 1, SPEAKER OUT x 1
* Preamp: Nutube 6P1
* Output Power: Max 50W RMS@4 ohm, 25W RMS@8 ohm, 12.5W RMS@16 ohm
* Power Supply: AC adapter DC19V
* Current Consumption: 3.43A
* Dimensions (W x D x H): 135 mm x 75 mm x 100 mm/5.31" x 3.94" x 2.95"
* Weight: 540g/1.19 lbs.
* Included Items: AC adapter, power cable