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Yamaha T50C

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Yamaha T50C
Yamaha T50C 2

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Truly a labour of love, this amp was first conceived in 1988. Designed in Hollywood, California by world class tube amp builder Michael J. soldana, your new Yamaha amp was destined for greatness.

Mike Soldano is both a guitar player and highly respected builder of custom tube type amplifiers. The demand for the hand made SLO-100W head brings him in contact with some of the world's finest guitar players and their search for the "ultimate tone". Soldano's unique position of performer, designer and direct contact with discriminating users, creates what Yamaha believes to be an unbeatable product design scenario.

It was his wish and Yamaha's desire to make this custom tone technology available to everyone seeking "the ultimate tone". That's why this amp exists!

The Yamaha T-Series Amplifiers were modeled after the established world class tones of the custom built Soldano SLO-100w head. Then additional features were added such as; separate tone controls for each channel and built-in spring reverb.

All of this technology comes home to you in an amp that is completely built in America.