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45870 Cheam Avenue
Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2P 1N6
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Christiaan Van Wyk - Drums music lessons in Chilliwack

Christiaan Van Wyk (Drums)

Raised in the culturally rich country of South Africa, Christiaan grew up with a variety of neo-traditional music styles. These styles were combined with western mainstream styles when he moved to Canada in 2001. He has taken drum lessons through the Chilliwack Academy of music and performed at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in ‘05. While pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, Christiaan played with a local blues band that played at the “Back to the Blues Festival”, Chilliwack party in the Park and Abbotsford’s Berry festival. In 2012 he joined the Canadian rock band “Awake O Sleeper”, which performed at the various creation festivals in the summer of 2015. Whether it is recording, touring, playing live or teaching, Christiaan brings tremendous drive, enthusiasm, and work ethic to everything he does. His rate is $23 per half hour lesson.

Jessica Andrews - Piano, Voice music lessons in Chilliwack

Jessica Andrews (Piano, Voice)

Jessica received her diploma in Musical Theatre from MacEwan University, after which she went on to study with seasoned professionals from all across Canada through the Opera NUOVA training program. After graduating from University, she became involved in professional theatre in Saskatchewan and Alberta. She is a lifelong learner, and is constantly educating herself in an effort to become a more well-rounded performer and teacher. She believes music is an important way to express oneself and that implementing music education at a young age will shape and grow children immensely. That being said, it is never too late to start. She teaches all ages. Her rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Kevin Castro - Piano, Guitar music lessons in Chilliwack

Kevin Castro (Piano, Guitar)

Kevin earned his Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Music at McEwan University as a Performance Major. Born into a musical family, Kevin studied with his father Carlos Castro, a jazz pianist, as well as Dr. Bill Richards and Chris Andrew. His stylistic influence comes from Latin Jazz, but also appreciations and teaches Rock n Roll, Pop and Funk to Jazz, Country, Gospel and Folk. He has shared the stage with artists such as Tyler Shaw, Virginia To Vegas, Alyssa Reid, Trevor Guthrie, Ruth B, to name a few. Kevin looks forward to sharing what he have learned and equally thrilled to see what I will learn from each student. His rate is $26 per half hour lesson.

Martine Dekker - Piano, Voice music lessons in Chilliwack

Martine Dekker (Piano, Voice)

Martine attended her music studies in the Netherlands, at the ArtEz Conservatorium in Zwolle. She holds a Bachelor of music Education Degree, with a minor in voice and piano. For the past twelve years she has been teaching piano, voice, choir, music theory and elementary school music lessons. She absolutely loves teaching and is committed to creating a positive environment that is stimulating, encouraging and supportive for all her students. Her rate is $23 per half hour lesson.

Shannyn Denoni - Piano music lessons in Chilliwack

Shannyn Denoni (Piano)

Shannyn holds an ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music as a piano teacher. Born into a musical family, she began piano lessons with her mother, at the age of three. Shannyn has taken part in many festivals, concerts, and recitals over the years. Miss Denoni realized she had a passion for teaching children at a young age, and has been teaching for over 8 years. She motivates her students to reach their full potential, with enthusiasm, patience, and a positive attitude. Shannyn welcomes beginner s and intermediate students of all ages. Her rate is $23 per half hour lesson.

Zachary Weston - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass music lessons in Chilliwack

Zachary Weston (Guitar, Ukulele, Bass)

Zachary began his musical journey with violin class in elementary school. Although he decided that this instrument was not for him, this experience sparked his passion for music. In high school, Zachary became self taught in the guitar and drums. His affinity for guitar later over powered the drums, and soon Zachary was playing for weekly chapel at school and church on Sundays. Since then he has been the guitarist of several bands, playing both electric and acoustic guitar. Zachary loves to inspire others to feel passionate about music through learning, using his experience to teach acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and ukulele. His rate is $23 per half hour lesson.