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Our Piano Teachers:

Gerard Satamian - Piano, music lessons in Vancouver

Gerard Satamian (Piano,) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Gerard has taught in Canada, Lebanon, and L.A. He received his BMus. from the Beirut National Conservatory and his Master's in the former Soviet Union. He is also a local performer and opera singer and is fluent in English, French, Arabic and Armenian. His rate is $30 per half hour.

Kian Jafari - Piano, Theory, music lessons in Vancouver

Kian Jafari (Piano, Theory,) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Kian Jafari is an experienced performer, piano teacher, and composer with over 7 years of teaching experience. He is classically trained, with a passion for contemporary music which led him to play with different bands in various styles such as Jazz, Pop, Rock, Iranian music, Prog Rock and Prog Metal both locally and internationally. He is currently enrolled in the Jazz and Contemporary Piano program at VCC, and taking lessons under the tutelage of Jazz pianist, Sharon Minemoto. Kian teaches piano, keyboard, theory and composition in styles such as Jazz, Classical, Iranian pop music, Rock and R&B. In addition, he is fluent in English and Farsi. His rate is $30 per half an hour.

Lynn Stewart - Piano, music lessons in Vancouver

Lynn Stewart (Piano,) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Lynn Stewart is a versatile musician who's been in the Vancouver music scene for over a decade. She has performed both nationally and internationally in styles such as folk, swing, R&B and Afrobeat, as well as performing her original compositions. Lynn holds a Bachelor’s of Music degree from Vancouver Community College where she studied contemporary piano, composition and voice. She has completed her grade 8 Royal Conservatory piano. Lynn also holds a Bachelor’s of Psychology from Simon Fraser University and has been working with children for over two decades. Lynn teaches all ages, styles and abilities, with a focus in classical, jazz and popular styles, providing students with a solid basis in music theory. She adopts a holistic and mindfulness-based approach to teaching, believing in the natural musical potential of students while meeting them where they’re at. Lynn finds great fulfillment in sharing her knowledge and believes in the transformative power of music.
Her rate is $30 per half hour.

Niloofar Farzadshad - Piano, Keyboard, music lessons in Vancouver

Niloofar Farzadshad (Piano, Keyboard,) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Niloofar Farzandshad holds her L.T.C.L Performance Licentiate from Trinity College London and Diploma from Tehran Conservatory of Music . She is an established piano instructor with a decade of experience teaching at the Tehran Conservatory of Music and over 25 years of private teaching. She has performed in several classic, baroque, and progressive rock concerts since 1988 and worked with numerous Iranian and Canadian artists in concerts and recordings. She was awarded the Best Young Artist in Tehran in 1992. Her rate is $27 per half hour.

Peter Prihoda - Piano, music lessons in Vancouver

Peter Prihoda (Piano,) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Peter received his degree in Music Composition and Jazz Arranging from Capilano University in 2008, minoring in Jazz Piano. He teaches jazz theory and varying piano styles. His rate is $27 per half hour.

Sara Pun - Piano, Theory music lessons in Vancouver

Sara Pun (Piano, Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Sara Pun, MMT, MTA, BA, ARCT, is an accomplished musician. She has earned her ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Calgary, and has a Master’s degree in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University. She has performed at the Banff Centre for the Arts, the University of Calgary, Wilfrid Laurier University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the National Music Centre.

Sara is a seasoned piano and theory teacher as well as a music therapist. With over 20 years of experience teaching, Sara believes in the joy of music for everyone regardless of age or ability. She has taught students from as young as 3 to well in their 70s. Students can learn recreationally or train for RCM piano and theory examinations. Sara also offers adapted music lessons for children with special needs, including autism. Whatever your goal, Sara is willing to work with each unique student.

She also plays guitar, clarinet, Balinese gamelan, Japanese Taiko drums, and sings. Sara's rate is $30 per half hour lesson.

Shantha Gunasekera - Piano, Theory music lessons in Vancouver

Shantha Gunasekera (Piano, Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Shantha completed her Graduate studies in Canadian Music at UBC, as well as an ATCL UK diploma, a Masters of Music, and a Doctorate in Ethnomusicology from Russia. She is an examiner, adjudicator, and instructor for RCM, BCCM, ABRSM, and all levels of history and rudiments. She has recently received the title of “Advanced Specialist for Piano & Theory Designations” from RCM Canada. Shantha enjoys working with children as young as 3 years old. Her rate is $30 per half hour.

Tresor Otshudi - Voice, Piano, Guitar music lessons in Vancouver

Tresor Otshudi (Voice, Piano, Guitar) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Tresor is a singer, composer and conductor who has more than 20 years of experience performing in 4 different continents. He is also a Band and Choir Educator at École Gabrielle Roy, in Surrey and a Music Director at Tresor Music. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Trinity Western University, in Langley, a Musical Theatre certificate From Choreia, in Paris, France, and a Business Diploma from Pigier, in Lille, France. Tresor teaches all ages, styles and abilities, with a focus in Classical, Jazz and Pop music.
French is his mother tongue. His rate is $30 per half hour.