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Have fun, get smarter and live healthier! All are benefits of studying music at any age. At the Fredericton Long & McQuade Lesson Centre, music lessons are available for all ages, levels and styles. Conveniently located uptown at 981 Prospect Street, we have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend lesson times available to fit your busy schedule. As the largest lesson centre in the Fredericton region, we feature 9 clean and well equipped lesson studios, a friendly environment and affordable lesson rates. Offering guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, voice lessons and more, our qualified and professional music instructors will guide you to your musical goals while making learning fun! For more information on our music teachers and lessons, please contact our helpful lesson staff at 506-458-5444 or [email protected]

Our Teachers:

Alex Doucet - Guitar, Bass Guitar music lessons in Fredericton

Alex Doucet (Guitar, Bass Guitar) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Alex Doucet is a seasoned guitar and bass player with over 20 years’ experience. He is well versed in many musical styles including blues, bluegrass, country, rock, pop, and jazz. Alex is a passionate and dedicated teacher who works with students of all ages and skill levels. He provides guidance on musical notation, simple chord shapes, and more advanced rhythms and leads. He is happy to help students learn and grow, no matter their musical background. Alex’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $23.

Arya Shahrostambeik - Piano and Theory music lessons in Fredericton

Arya Shahrostambeik (Piano and Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Arya Shahrostambeik had his first encounter with music ‎when he was 7 years old and saw a busker playing guitar. This experience prompted him to tell his parents that he wanted to become a musician. They enrolled him in a music theory ‎class where he was taught using Orff's ‎approach, and he eventually chose to study the piano. Arya continued studying privately until he graduated from high school. At that time, he decided he wanted to share his love of music with others and began teaching piano and music theory as a volunteer. This led him to start teaching piano privately, where he taught students ranging in age from 7 to 40. Along with teaching, Arya has worked as a session musician and played with several bands in a wide variety of styles including traditional, folk, pop, rock and jazz. He has a strong passion for music and is excited to share that passion with his students. Arya’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $21.

Janice Wilson - Piano, Voice and Theory music lessons in Fredericton

Janice Wilson (Piano, Voice and Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Janice Wilson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Mount Allison University and a Bachelors of Arts in English from St. Thomas University. She returned to Fredericton after working in the music industry in Toronto for a decade. Janice teaches musical theatre, pop music and church music, as well as classical and has directed church and independent choirs for decades, worked extensively as an accompanist,  and as a Music Theory Instructor at UNB. She is also a composer who's produced several works in classical and pop genres and teaches song writing. Janice’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $24.

Jeremiah Charlton - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo and Drums music lessons in Fredericton

Jeremiah Charlton (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo and Drums) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Jeremiah Charlton has been teaching professionally for over 20 years, and loves to impart his passion for music of all styles. A multi-instrumentalist, he offers lessons in guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, piano, and drums. Jeremiah brings a wealth of musical knowledge gained from his work in many professional settings; commercial studio recordings, playing with casino bands, cruise ships, and orchestras for touring musicals. He is also well versed in many music styles such as jazz, blues and rock. Jeremiah's rate for a half hour private lesson is $25.

Jim Campbell - Saxophone and Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Jim Campbell (Saxophone and Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Jim Campbell is a multi-instrumentalist with a 50-year musical background that started with the Royal Conservatory and somehow drifted into the School of Rock. He is into classical, blues, jazz, rock, and just about everything else. Major influences include Bach, Beethoven, Bird, Beatles, Buble and Billy Joel. Jim idolizes The Police, Chili Peppers, Clarence Clemons, Weird Al Yankovic and Drake. As the sax and piano man in numerous Ontario cover bands, Jim also filled in on acoustic guitar and harmonica, and improvised harmony vocals. Over the past ten years, he’s done many solo gigs at weddings, cocktail parties, restaurants and retirement residences. In 2020 Jim emigrated from Ontario and is now up to more of the same in Fredericton. Alto/tenor saxophone and popular piano are Jim’s main focus as a music teacher at Long and McQuade. Music lessons with Jim are tailored to each student’s objectives, current abilities and musical tastes. Jim uses backing tracks as a teaching tool, and regularly jams with students during lessons so everyone can experience the fun of playing and improvising with other musicians in a comfortable, supportive learning environment. “To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without passion is inexcusable!”– Beethoven. Jim’s rate for a half-hour private lesson is $25.

Kathrin Welte - Voice and Violin music lessons in Fredericton

Kathrin Welte (Voice and Violin) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Kathrin Welte holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Mount Allison University and a Masters of Music in Solo Vocal Performance from McGill University. Parallel to a successful performance career in the classical music field, she teaches private voice and violin lessons and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with young and old. Over the course of her 15 year career, Kathrin has learned that empathy, understanding and objective listening are key elements to meeting students’ needs and learning styles. Her student-centered teaching approach draws on many techniques, teaching methods and a vast practical background in order to promote development in her students all while keeping the joy of music making forefront to their experience. Kathrin actively keeps up to date with new teaching methods, building on the foundation of the university courses she took in vocal pedagogy, choral conducting, diction and elementary pedagogy. She takes a specific interest in: the specialized approach of teaching young singers; preparing adolescents and young adults for higher education in the music field; as well as guiding avocational adults in expanding their musical skills and appreciation. Kathrin is a registered music teacher with the NBRMTA and teaches lessons in French and English. She looks forward to welcoming you in her studio and sharing the beautiful art of music together soon. Kathrin’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $25.

Liam Keith-Jacques - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Lap Steel and Dobro music lessons in Fredericton

Liam Keith-Jacques (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Lap Steel and Dobro) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Liam Keith-Jacques has a passion for teaching guitar and music theory to students of all ages and abilities. For over a decade, he has performed in various contexts including bluegrass bands, chamber ensembles, jazz groups and rock/metal bands. Liam has taught privately for almost 10 years. He is a patient teacher and is dedicated to passing on his love for the instrument. No matter what the particular goals of a student are, he will enthusiastically guide them on their musical journey. Liam’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $23.

Meagan Eskritt - Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Meagan Eskritt (Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Meagan Eskritt has her Bachelor of Education with a minor in music from the University of New Brunswick. She has studied many different styles of music including classical, gospel, pop and jazz. Meagan currently works as a supply teacher and had been teaching piano since 2010. Meagan’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $22.

Nathaniel Sergeant - Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Nathaniel Sergeant (Piano) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Nathaniel Sergeant has played piano for over 20 years and taught privately for 5 years. After completing his Grade 10 Royal Conservatory exam, it was his appreciation for Japanese piano compositions that first sparked his interest in pursuing a BA in Linguistics at Carleton University in Ottawa, where he minored in Japanese. Since returning to his hometown of Fredericton in 2016, his focus has shifted back to the language of music through teaching piano, providing choral and instrumental accompaniment, and offering solo entertainment for events including weddings and regular recitals at retirement homes. Nathaniel firmly believes that music is a journey unique to every individual and in his lessons he encourages his students to express themselves through music by learning in a way that is creative and has special meaning to them. To learn more, please visit his website "The Pianist Studio Fredericton". Nathaniel's rate for a half hour private lesson is $22.

Nick Bell - Drums, Bass guitar, Audio engineering, Electronic Media and Theory music lessons in Fredericton

Nick Bell (Drums, Bass guitar, Audio engineering, Electronic Media and Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: Yes

Nick Bell has a diploma from the Centre of Arts and Technology where he studied recording arts, music theory, composition and music business. Nick has been playing drums for over 15 years, and bass for over 5 years. He has learned from several local musicians within Fredericton & Moncton. A main influence for him is Progressive Rock & Metal. Nick has played in several bands throughout New Brunswick. With over 4 years teaching experience, Nick has the confidence to teach students of all ages, levels and styles. Nick’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $25.

Patrick Gushue - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele and Fiddle music lessons in Fredericton

Patrick Gushue (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele and Fiddle) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Patrick Gushue is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist specializing in mandolin, ukulele, electric bass, and banjo. He plays in several local bands, and has been teaching privately for the past 5 years. Patrick is well versed in multiple styles of music including bluegrass, old-time, country, rock, funk and blues. He is a passionate teacher who aims to help players of all ages and skill levels develop proper technique on their instrument, as well a repertoire of tunes, and skills in improvisation. He is able to guide each student on a unique musical journey tailored to their musical tastes and preferences. Patrick's rate for a half hour private lesson is $23.

Sarah Jarvis - Cello and Theory music lessons in Fredericton

Sarah Jarvis (Cello and Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Sarah Jarvis is a Fredericton native, though she has travelled and performed all over the world. She holds her BA in Music from St. Thomas University and has studied voice for over fifteen years. During her degree, Sarah took up cello and has never looked back. Sarah performs for weddings, film soundtracks, live shows and church bands. She has also worked with The Next Folding Theatre Company and is a member of the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra. She believes strongly that students should take ownership over their music experience and encourages them to write their own compositions. Sarah's rate for a half hour private lesson is $22.

Yehor Sanko - Guitar music lessons in Fredericton

Yehor Sanko (Guitar) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Yehor Sanko graduated from music school 10 years ago where he studied classical piano. However, it was not the piano but the guitar that happened to be Yehor’s true passion. For the past decade he has been perfecting his skills while playing in various local bands in Europe, recording and producing music, and even building his own guitars. He specializes in pop, rock, blues and metal guitar as well as shredding (i.e. playing fast). Despite his background in classical piano, Yehor is a self-taught guitar player and has plenty of learning and teaching experience to set you on the right track in your guitar journey. He invites students of all ages to learn not only about playing guitar, but also songwriting, recording and performing live. Yehor’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $23.

Zyrene Estallo - Piano and Theory music lessons in Fredericton

Zyrene Estallo (Piano and Theory) Registration Request
Online Lessons: No

Zyrene Estallo has been a music teacher and performer for over 12 years. She has a bachelor's degree (honors) in piano performance from the National University of Singapore, where she has performed extensively as a soloist and collaborating artist within Asia, Europe, and the US. As an educator, she has over 8 years of experience teaching in elementary classrooms, music for students with special needs, children's musicals, youth music ensembles, and one-on-one music coaching. Currently a master's degree student in education at the University of New Brunswick, Zyrene's pedagogy and research strives to be inclusive and motivating in enhancing the student's engagement whilst maintaining a well-strategized curriculum to keep learning goals in place. She has taught adult and children beginners all the way to advanced level students, and caters to recreational learning as well as exam-oriented/competitive-driven piano playing. Zyrene’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $24.