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981 Prospect Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 2T7
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Monday: 12:30pm - 9:00pm
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Wednesday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
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Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Private Lessons

Have fun, get smarter and live healthier! All are benefits of studying music at any age. At the Fredericton Long & McQuade Lesson Centre, music lessons are available for all ages, levels and styles. Conveniently located uptown at 981 Prospect Street, we have morning, afternoon, evening and weekend lesson times available to fit your busy schedule. As the largest lesson centre in the Fredericton region, we feature 9 clean and well equipped lesson studios, a friendly environment and affordable lesson rates. Offering guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, voice lessons and more, our qualified and professional music instructors will guide you to your musical goals while making learning fun! For more information on our music teachers and lessons, please contact our helpful lesson staff at 506-458-5444 or

Our Teachers:

Ali Johnson - Violin music lessons in Fredericton

Ali Johnson (Violin)

Ali is a local musician specializing in violin. She has excelled in violin and piano since young childhood, studying violin with Sylbie Roy, then David Adams. She has performed with numerous ensembles including Symphony New Brunswick, Fredericton Symphony Orchestra, New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, and various string quartets. To complement her classical experience, Ali has played violin for TNB Musical School productions Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Les Miserables, West Side Story, Shrek, and with Canadian artists; Sarah Slean, The LaPointes, Katherine Moller, and Leo LaFleur. Her training is rooted in classical violin technique (Suzuki and RCM), but she also greatly enjoys playing other styles including but not limited to folk, fiddle, pop, and indie rock. Ali's teaching style is very patient, encouraging, and inspiring, as she is passionate about instilling the love of music in her students. Ali’s rate for a half hour lesson is $21.

Chris Bennett - Voice music lessons in Fredericton

Chris Bennett (Voice)

Chris has a vocal performance degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Since 2000, he has served in churches across North America, developing choral and music programs and has co-produced a live concert album with the IWU Chorale. He focuses on fundamental vocal training using songs drawn from all styles. Chris is available to teach RCM theory and history. Chris’s rate for a half hour lesson is $22.

Chris Mercer - Guitar, Bass guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, and Ukulele music lessons in Fredericton

Chris Mercer (Guitar, Bass guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, and Ukulele)

Chris is a local musician who started teaching guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, Dobro, ukulele and blues and rock n' roll piano in 2000. He is a specialist in working with younger children, and has had great success with over 300 up-and-coming young musicians. He covers a broad base of concepts including music theory, proper instrumental techniques and general knowledge. Chris's rate for a half hour lesson is $23.

Eric Hanenberg - Drums music lessons in Fredericton

Eric Hanenberg (Drums)

Eric has been providing music lessons for fifteen years on a variety of instruments including drums, guitar, bass guitar and piano. He graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Music in 2013 before coming to Fredericton to pursue a Bachelor of Education at St. Thomas University. He has musically directed and performed in many musical theatre productions, as well as performing and recording with groups spanning a variety of musical genres. As a teacher, Eric focuses on creating learning experiences that are individualized to each student, and is always open to trying new approaches. He welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. Eric's rate for a half hour lesson is $22.

Janice Wilson - Piano and Voice music lessons in Fredericton

Janice Wilson (Piano and Voice)

Janice has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Mount Allison University and a Bachelors of Arts in English from St. Thomas University. She returned to Fredericton after working in the music industry in Toronto for a decade. Janice teaches musical theatre, pop music and church music, as well as classical and has directed church and independent choirs for decades, worked extensively as an accompanist,  and as a Music Theory Instructor at UNB. She is also a composer who's produced several works in classical and pop genres and teaches song writing. Janice’s rate for a half hour lesson is $23.

Justin Ley - Guitar and Bass guitar music lessons in Fredericton

Justin Ley (Guitar and Bass guitar)

Justin is a local musician who has been teaching guitar since 2008. He has toured in Canada and played as a session guitarist in a wide variety of groups covering rock, blues, funk, R & B, country, rap, acoustic and electric music. Justin believes that a guitarist needs a solid understanding of music theory to grow into a seasoned musician with a firm understanding of composition and improvisation. Justin’s rate for a half hour lesson is $23.

Kathrin Welte - Violin, Voice music lessons in Fredericton

Kathrin Welte (Violin, Voice)

Kathrin Welte has a Bachelor of Music degree from Mount Allison University and a Masters of Music in Solo Vocal Performance from McGill University. Her musical studies began at the age of six on the violin. However, it wasn't until she discovered her singing voice, that she found her true calling in the music field. Kathrin’s passion for singing was ignited through private voice lessons and participating in local choirs and competitions. Her performance career includes two seasons with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and singing for companies such as the Montréal Symphony Orchestra, Opera da Camera, Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal and Voces Boreales. Kathrin's teaching focuses on developing a solid technical foundation and encouraging students to become exciting and uninhibited musicians. She dedicates time each lesson to music theory, sight singing skills and music history. Kathrin’s hope is that her students will be inspired and flourish to become independent, confident and vibrant musicians. She teaches beginner to intermediate violin and beginner to advanced voice in both English and French. Kathrin’s rate for a half hour lesson is $23.

Katie Taylor - Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Katie Taylor (Piano)

Katie Taylor is a local musician who has played piano for over 20 years. She completed her Grade 8 RCM exam in piano and has studied music at St. Thomas University. She has also served as the vocal and choral director for various theatre and choral productions. Katie is passionate about finding the right fit for each student's approach to learning music and igniting the passion to do so. She also enjoys singing and playing guitar at weddings and sharing music with friends and family. Katie's rate for a half hour lesson is $20.

Leah Thompson - Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Leah Thompson (Piano)

Leah has been playing the piano for 20 years, and isn’t ready to stop yet! She completed Grade 8 RCM. Leah continued to pursue her thirst for performing by participating in the LHHS Jazz Band and their musicals from 2006 to 2010. Through this she gained an appreciation for music genres such as jazz, blues, pop, pop-rock, classic rock and folk. After high school, Leah travelled to Germany where she learned about composition and song-writing, something she loves sharing with her students. In Fredericton, she started teaching in 2012, and has been enjoying and thriving as a teacher for 5 years! Leah has prepared students to take RCM exams and to play in festivals, and has also been a piano accompanist for both. Aside from playing, she also loves to dig into musical theory and has prepared students to take the RCM theory exams. Leah has a never-ending curiosity to learn, explore, and have fun with music! Leah's rate for a half hour lesson is $22.

Meagan Eskritt - Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Meagan Eskritt (Piano)

Meagan has her Bachelor of Education with a minor in music from the University of New Brunswick. She has studied many different styles of music including classical, gospel, pop and jazz. Meagan currently works as a supply teacher and had been teaching piano since 2010. Meagan’s rate for a half hour lesson is $22.

Meghan Caissie - Piano music lessons in Fredericton

Meghan Caissie (Piano)

Meghan has completed her grade 8 Royal Conservatory exam in piano. She has played in festivals, competitions, and just for fun! She also has experience playing flute and singing in musical productions. Meghan has her MA from Memorial, where she completed a certification course in teaching skills for adults. She has also taught students ages 5-18 English using music, sound, and rhythm as teaching tools. Meghan believes that music opens doors for students, and that lessons should nurture creativity and a joy for music. Meghan’s rate for a half hour lesson is $21.

Nick Bell - Drums, Bass and Electronic media music lessons in Fredericton

Nick Bell (Drums, Bass and Electronic media)

Nick has a diploma from the Centre of Arts and Technology where he studied recording arts, music theory, composition and music business. Nick has been playing drums for over 15 years, and bass for over 5 years. He has learned from several local musicians within Fredericton & Moncton. A main influence for him is Progressive Rock & Metal. Nick has played in several bands throughout New Brunswick. With over 4 years teaching experience, Nick has the confidence to teach students of all ages, levels and styles. Nick’s rate for a half hour lesson is $22.

Raymond Vautour - Guitar music lessons in Fredericton

Raymond Vautour (Guitar)

Raymond is a self-taught guitarist who has been playing professionally since 1990. He has toured extensively in Canada, the U.S. and Europe and is still very active today, playing in several local bands. Raymond is well-versed in a variety of styles including country, rock and blues, and has been teaching since 2000. Raymond's rate for a half hour lesson is $23.

Sarah Jarvis - Cello music lessons in Fredericton

Sarah Jarvis (Cello)

Sarah Jarvis is a Fredericton native, though she has travelled and performed all over the world. She holds her BA in Music from St. Thomas University and has studied voice for over fifteen years. During her degree, Sarah took up cello and has never looked back. Sarah performs for weddings, film soundtracks, live shows and church bands. She has also worked with The Next Folding Theatre Company and is a member of the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra. She believes strongly that students should take ownership over their music experience and encourages them to write their own compositions. Sarah's rate for a half hour lesson is $21.

Tom Richards - Saxophone, Ukulele, Tin whistle, Bodhran and Guitar music lessons in Fredericton

Tom Richards (Saxophone, Ukulele, Tin whistle, Bodhran and Guitar)

Tom holds a Bachelor of Music (Jazz) from St. Francis Xavier University and a Bachelor of Education from St. Thomas University. He currently plays in several bands ranging through jazz to pop, Celtic and folk. Tom has been teaching music since 2010. Tom’s rate for a half hour private lesson is $22.