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Brady Leafloor - Woodwinds, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

Brady Leafloor (Woodwinds, Theory)

Brady has been playing since 1997, starting as a saxophonist and then expanding to other woodwinds. He is a Carleton University Bachelor of Music program graduate, where he studied jazz performance under Mike Tremblay. Brady has taught one-on-one lessons and full bands, with students ranging from 6 years old to long retired. He specializes in jazz and popular music styles, and is an active member of the music scene, playing with rock, soul and reggae bands, and various other jazz and popular music groups. Lessons have a strong focus on combining theory and reading skills with aural training and encouraging students to pick up simple tunes by ear. Other topics include improvisation, instrument knowledge, and fundamentals of both group and solo performance. Brady has taught casual players to serious students and those preparing for auditions for bands and school programs. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24.

Bryan Valeriani - Drums music lessons in Ottawa

Bryan Valeriani (Drums)

Bryan has been playing drums since 1982 and teaching since 1995. He has played everything from jazz to heavy metal. Bryan performs regularly with his Latin jazz trio and is a member of the Brian Eagles Band. He has recorded and performed with many groups, most notably with Juno nominated singer/songwriter Kathleen Edwards. Bryan has studied at the world-renowned Drummers Collective in New York City with a grant awarded from the Ontario Arts Council. He has also studied with Jim Chapin, Kim Plainfield, Magella Cormier and Joel Rosenblatt. Bryan has taught for the Carleton University Bachelor of Music program and is a member of both the Vic Firth Education Team and the Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program. His curriculum covers the complete range of drumset techniques and concepts from the key fundamentals to advanced studies. For more on Bryan you can visit: His rate per half hour private lesson is $26.

Carl Merenick - Piano, Theory, Composition music lessons in Ottawa

Carl Merenick (Piano, Theory, Composition)

Carl studied classical piano as well as jazz theory and composition with Ted Moses, Gordon Delamont and Darwin Aitkin. He has composed and produced for CTV, TSN, Discovery Channel and ET. Carl is the Co-founder and CEO of HGNO, a non-profit, music-based community outreach. He has taught music both at the college level and junior high level - grade 6, 7 and 8 band. Carl is an enthusiastic and dedicated music teacher with years of professional experience and has a knack for inspiring students in the gift of music. His rate per half hour private lesson is $23.

Chestan Tam - Piano, Theory, Composition music lessons in Ottawa

Chestan Tam (Piano, Theory, Composition)

Chestan Tam is a classically trained pianist and recent graduate from the University of Toronto, holding a Bachelor of Music with piano and a minor in composition, under the mentorship of Larysa Kuzmenko and Alexander Rapoport. Beginning his musical training at a very young age, Chestan received his Grade 10 RCM Certification in piano in 2012, and has won numerous awards at the Kiwanis Music Festival over the years. Chestan also has a background in traditional Chinese music, having studied the Chinese hammer dulcimer with Anna Guo of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Although Chestan is classically trained, he enjoys playing music of all genres, and publishes arrangements of popular music on the piano online as a hobby. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24.

Christine Jakel - Voice, Piano music lessons in Ottawa

Christine Jakel (Voice, Piano)

Christine has been playing piano since 1999 and earned a grade 9 RCM certificate in 2011. After attending the voice program at De La Salle High School, she continued to obtain a Bachelor of Music in classical voice from the University of Ottawa. Christine has been teaching since 2010 across the disciplines of piano, voice, and music history. Recently, Christine has discovered songwriting as a more personal means of self-expression through music. By pairing unique song craft and storytelling, she aims to translate biographical events into modern folk idioms, while incorporating elements of rock and jazz. Her current projects include releasing a music video of one of her original songs while recording and producing an EP. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $23. (English or French)

Dan Marano - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

Dan Marano (Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Theory)

Dan is a guitarist, bassist and composer, who has been playing guitar since 2005. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Music at Carleton University, studying jazz performance under Tim Bedner. Dan is an active member of the Ottawa music scene, and is well versed in a variety of styles including rock, blues, pop, jazz, metal and classical. Dan encourages creativity in his lessons and is eager to share the same excitement he feels about music with his students. His rate per half hour private lesson is $23 (English or French).

Gabriela Ruiz - Cello, Violin, Viola, Fiddle music lessons in Ottawa

Gabriela Ruiz (Cello, Violin, Viola, Fiddle)

Gabriela has a Master’s Degree in Cello Performance from the University of Ottawa, where she studied cello with Paul Marleyn, as well as an Orchestral Certificate Diploma under David Currie. She has been active as a teacher and performer since 1997 and is also a Certified Suzuki Teacher. Gabriela focuses much of her performing in the classical genre but has also participated in other events such as rock concerts, Video Games Live and recently in the orchestra for “La Machine”. She teaches both Suzuki and RCM methods for violin, viola and cello. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $27. (English or Spanish)

Harrison Singer - Guitar, Bass music lessons in Ottawa

Harrison Singer (Guitar, Bass)

Harrison is a bassist, guitarist and composer and graduated from Carleton University in the Bachelor of Music program. He is a part of many musical projects across Ottawa in a wide variety of genres such as Jazz, Reggae, Samba, Funk, Rock, Blues. Harrison has been teaching for many years, taking the complicated aspects of music and making them easy to understand and accessible to all ages. He values creativity and encourages the student to find their own unique voice on their instrument. Harrison's personal career has taken him all over Canada including Ottawa festivals such as: Blues Fest, Jazz Fest and the Festival Franco Ontarien. His rate per half hour private lesson is $23.

Jasmine Ruffo - Flute, Piano, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

Jasmine Ruffo (Flute, Piano, Theory)

Jasmine has been playing flute since 2002 and has her Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Western Ontario and Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. She studied most woodwind instruments and piano. Jasmine spent the last two years teaching in the UK as well as volunteering with children's groups. She is currently a flute and piccolo player for the Ottawa Woodwind Project. She is passionate about teaching anyone from toddler to senior, focusing on whatever style they are excited to learn. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $23.

John Merritt - Brass, Theory music lessons in Ottawa

John Merritt (Brass, Theory)

John studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Humber College, and at the University of Ottawa. He has been teaching for more than 30 years having instructed for the Ottawa School Board, Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy, Nepean Symphony School, Deep River Summermusic Camp, Tutti Muzik and CAMMAC. He taught at Ashbury College for 23 years and has mentored for the Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa. John has played for the Ottawa, Kingston, Nepean, Pembroke, and Deep River Symphonies, brass quintets, musical productions, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Orchestra, C.B.C. Radio-TV , Richard Berry, Haygood Hardy, Zamfir, Rich Little, and Natalie Cole. Lessons assist the student in achieving musical goals that may include preparation for tests, examinations, conservatory levels, auditions, festivals, public performance or personal enjoyment. His rate per half hour private lesson is $25.

Kelly Tang - Violin, Fiddle, Piano, Conducting music lessons in Ottawa

Kelly Tang (Violin, Fiddle, Piano, Conducting)

Kelly holds two performance diplomas from Trinity College, London and has a Carleton University Bachelor of Music. She began playing the piano and classical violin, then expanded to Celtic fiddling where she studied under Denis Lanctot in Ottawa. She has toured with orchestras since 2004 in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia, and has won awards in music festivals in Hong Kong and New York. Kelly is an active member of the music scene playing with the Ottawa Chamber Orchestra, also a member of a local flamenco group. She has taught one-on-one lessons and ensembles, with experience teaching visually impaired students. Kelly teaches both classical, fiddle and popular styles to all ages and levels, and prepares students for RCM exams. Lessons are tailored to each individual, and she hopes to inspire her students towards their own musical journey and beyond. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $23.

Manny Makris - Guitar, Ukulele music lessons in Ottawa

Manny Makris (Guitar, Ukulele)

Manny has been playing live since 1991 and teaching since 1995. He was the winner of the 1997 Blues Guitar Riff-Off at age 19 and was nominated Best Blues Band at the Doheny Blues Society in California in 1999 and the Maple Blues Awards in 2000. He has played many major blues festivals in Ottawa and New York and has shared the stage with blues legends Otis Rush, Kid Ramos (The Fabulous Thunderbirds) and Dan Aykroyd. Manny has played in several different blues and rockabilly bands over the years. He is comfortable teaching students of all levels, especially those that are interested in lead and rhythm guitar. Specializing in Blues, Country, Rockabilly, Rock and Roll and Surf, his rate per half hour private lesson is $25.

Matt Welsh - Drums music lessons in Ottawa

Matt Welsh (Drums)

Matt has been playing percussion and drum set since 2004 and teaching since 2010. With experience on stage and in the studio, past performances include accompanying the Canadian Centennial Choir, the Bytowne Big Band, Chicago with the Carleton Musical Theatre Society, as well as his own group, Predestined. As a teacher, Matt instils a strong sense of rhythm, reading and technique, allowing students to access a broad spectrum of musical styles. He keeps the classroom relaxed and lighthearted, while still maintaining a serious environment for each student to pursue their personal goals and beyond. His rate per half hour private lesson is $24 (English or French).

Mina Ghamari - Voice, Piano music lessons in Ottawa

Mina Ghamari (Voice, Piano)

Mina studied classical piano and contemporary voice. She has a passion for combining classical and contemporary techniques to deliver the best learning experience. Her skills cover a wide range of vocal styles, such as: pop jazz, blues, rock and metal. Mina believes in customizing each lesson to meet the student’s needs, whether it is theory, performance skills or managing stage fright. She began working as a musician in London, UK, has performed in both Europe and Canada and remains an active member of Ottawa’s music community. In addition to her career in music performance and education, she also works in music production and has an educational background in music industry arts. Mina has been teaching since 2012. Her rate per half hour private lesson is $25.