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617 8 Street E
Saskatoon South, Saskatchewan, S7H 0R1

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Store Email: saskatoonsouth@long-mcquade.com

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Monday: 1:00pm - 9:00pm
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Saturday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
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Our professional, highly qualified instructors offer both in person and on line video lessons.

Lessons Coordinator

Ludmila Dubceac - coordinator of the music lessons in Saskatoon South

Ludmila Dubceac

Lesson Coordinator
[email protected]

Our Piano Teachers:

Allan McPherson - Voice, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds, Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Allan McPherson (Voice, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Woodwinds, Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Allan studied music and music education at Mount Allison University and the University of Victoria. He studied clarinet with Jean-Guy Boisvert, David Bourque, Keith MacLeod, and Patricia Kostek. He studied voice with Signi Murgatroyd, and he is currently studying with Garry Gable. Allan teaches flute up to an RCM grade 5 level, and saxophone and oboe up to RCM grade 3. Allan has over five years' experience as a public school teacher in BC and Alberta and a private music teacher in Saskatoon.
Rate: $27 per half hour

Corina Ursuleac - Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Corina Ursuleac (Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Corina comes from a musical family with her background in music starting through singing at a very young age. She has also been playing since she was very young, progressing through RCH, and continues to work on advanced levels. In addition to teaching, Corina shares her music by playing piano as an accompanist for vocal groups, string groups, playing solo pieces, and volunteering to play at churches. Corina also plays flute and enjoys playing in bands at school and flute quartets at church. Corina began her teaching as a substitute instructor at the 8th St Long and McQuade. She has taught students of various ages and skills, always aiming to provide a positive and comfortable learning experience. Corina teaches piano at our Saskatoon south location.
Rate: $25 per half hour

Jeannette Perault - Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Jeannette Perault (Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: No

Jeannette began studying piano at age 5 and continued until she completed her Grade VIII Royal Conservatory. In her early 20's, she began writing her own songs and performed in many clubs and folk festivals, both as part of a band, and as a solo artist. Jeannette then moved to British Columbia and studied music at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC.

Currently Jeannette plays piano with the Saskatoon Community Jazz Band, and saxophone with the Saskatoon Concert Band. She continues to expand her learning by attending music seminars whenever she has the opportunity.

Jeannette has been teaching all ages of students since the year 2000 and employs an individual approach with each student, including implementing games and activities into the lessons. She is looking forward to sharing her love of music with her students, and believes that music is a universal language bringing all people together in peace and unity. Jeannette teaches piano at our 8th Street location.
Rate: $26 per half hour

Josh Fadipe - Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Josh Fadipe (Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: No

Since the age of 8, Josh has been fascinated by the piano. Josh has played on several occasions in elementary, junior high school music concerts and church. He is fluent a variety of genres ranging from classical to jazz and pop as well. Josh is a highly determined individual adept in creating an exciting and entertaining learning environment.
Rate: $26 per half hour

Jude Leschshyn - Piano, Saxophone music lessons in Saskatoon South

Jude Leschshyn (Piano, Saxophone) Registration Request

Online Lessons: No

Teaching Style: Classical

Jude Leschyshyn (rhymes with “musician”) is happy to offer piano lessons at Long & McQuade. He holds his Bachelor of Music and Certificate in Jazz from the University of Saskatchewan, and his Level 10 Piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music. With a focus on classical piano, Jude’s lessons prioritize musicianship and technical excellence. Bringing years of experience as a teacher, Jude aims to create an open and encouraging environment for students to grow as musicians—to sharpen their skills, to better understand music and history, and to have fun! Jude teaches at our 8th Street location in Saskatoon.
Rate: $27 per half hour

Samuel Boyd - Guitar, Piano, Brass music lessons in Saskatoon South

Samuel Boyd (Guitar, Piano, Brass) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

Samuel Boyd has been involved in music since a very young age. He is currently working on a Bachelor of Music in Music Education at the University of Saskatchewan, majoring on the trumpet. Samuel has played and performed a variety of genres and styles throughout high school and university, particularly jazz and classical music. He enjoys sharing his musical knowledge, and hopes to help students grow as brass, piano, and guitar players.
Rate: $25 per half hour lesson.

Wagner Barbosa - Violin, Piano music lessons in Saskatoon South

Wagner Barbosa (Violin, Piano) Registration Request

Online Lessons: Yes

The Brazilian violinist and pianist, Wagner Barbosa started his music studies playing the violin and the piano. He studied for six years at the Municipal Conservatory of Guarulhos, where he focused on the violin and music theory, and he got his Bachelor of Music in Performance with specialization in violin from the University of São Paulo in 2021. He teaches the violin for kids and adults since 2015 and has played in many different orchestras and ensembles, which got him to know and perform several different styles of music. Currently he is a Master Student from the Department of Music of the University of Saskatchewan, a member of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and part of Long & McQuade Lesson Center.
Rate: $26 per half hour