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Long & McQuade University - Toronto Area, ON

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Long & McQuade University - Toronto Area, ON

902 Simcoe Street North, 905.434.1612
Inquiries and Registration: Jayson at jcallan@long-mcquade.com

Thursday, March 12 | 7pm
Chicken Pickin’ with Steve Piticco

Steve Piticco started playing guitar at age eleven and has played ever since, having toured and recorded with countless top Canadian country acts, all the while developing his distinctive Tele sound. Come check out his famous style that has caused peers and fans to exclaim, “He’s from another planet!”

Tuesday, March 17 | 7pm
Know Your Fretboard, Know Your Music with Rob Tardik

Co-sponsored by Godin and D’Addario. Join award-winning musician and educator Rob Tardik as he discusses everything from fretboard learning strategies, chops building, harmony and soloing techniques, to sound business advice to get your music heard in this ever-changing landscape!

Tuesday, March 24 | 7pm
Hughes & Kettner – Changing the Game

Experience the analog tube tone and modern flexibility of the new Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 and Triamp MK3 amplifiers with H&K Product Specialist and tone expert Dennis Shepherd.  Dennis will play some tunes, share tone and playing tips, and define Technology of Tone with an in-depth tour of these exciting new products.

1887 Kingston Road, 905.686.4900
Inquiries and Registration: Chris at cbuchanterrell@long-mcquade.com

Tuesday, March 10 | 7pm 
Texassippi Blues Clinic with Danny Brooks

'Texassippi Soul Man' Danny Brooks, now settled in Llano Texas, will be returning to Ontario to talk about and play his award-winning blues music. Danny will share business and industry tips in between playing Southern Soul music that mixes blues, soul, Americana, mountain, gospel & reggae. The presentation will prove motivational, inspirational and practical in terms of furthering your musical goals.

Thursday, March 12 | 7pm
15-Minute Ukulele Workout with Manitoba Hal

In this workshop we learn how to develop our skills in order to be able to play any song that we want. It is designed for absolute beginners who want to be better at strumming, chord changes, remembering chords and basic playing ability. We focus on a 15 minute daily ukulele workout that teaches right hand rhythm, the seven major keys and all the chords within, and puts them together so that come jam night you can keep up with the others.

1133 Markham Road, 416.439.8001
Inquiries and Registration: Rich at rdubeau@long-mcquade.com

Wednesday, March 11 | 6:30pm
Recording 101 with Ray Wilson

Learn the basics of what you need to capture your music using your computer. From the hardware to the software, you will learn what components are necessary and how to set up your new gear to begin recording in minutes.

Wednesday, March 25 | 6:30pm
Recording: The Next Chapter with Ray Wilson

You've invested in your gear; now it's time to get the most out of it. Learn recording and mixing techniques in your quest to build your radio-ready hits!

9833 Markham Road, 905.209.1177
Inquiries and Registration: markham@long-mcquade.com

Tuesday March 10 | 7pm
The Drum Set Up with Tim Gittens

A demonstration of how to set up drums (be it four piece kits or massive set ups) to get the most out your movements, avoid injury, reduce fatigue, reduce damage to your gear, and how to have your set up work for you instead of against you. This workshop is geared toward all players and will be particularly good for parents of young drum students. We'll discuss buying the right gear and how to set it up to accommodate different bodies. We'll discuss how to match gear, heads and sticks to your playing style, body type and musical requirements. Seat height, pedal position and adjustment...we'll cover it all.
Wednesday, March 18 | 7pm
Supportive Soloing with Gray Matter featuring Ingrid Jensen

Jazz ensemble Gray Matter will host a group workshop focused on improvisation and soloing concepts. Those interested in exploring creativity and group interaction are encouraged to attend and explore the role of the soloist but also supporting and interacting with one. Featuring Canadian jazz icon, trumpeter Ingrid Jensen, this workshop is sure to inspire musicians of all levels. Gray Matter is releasing its debut album, Footsteps, in March 2015. For more info, visit www.graymattermusic.ca.
Saturday, March 21 | 2pm
Crossover Techniques for all Singers with Tina Alexander

This workshop will include tips and techniques for singers at any level, from beginning to advanced. How does posture and breath energy help me sing in every genre, give power to my singing and improve my range? What can I do to make singing feel and look easy in all genres? How can the warm ups I do help my singing in the short and long term, and how can I keep my voice healthy? This workshop will help you gain more tools for your singing "toolbox" and help make you a better singer and performer in any setting! Please come ready to learn and sing along.

925 Bloor Street West, 416.588.7886
Inquiries and Registration: info@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 7 | 2pm
Women Going Pro: Growing Your Potential in the Music Industry, Panel Discussion

With Sari Delmar, President & founder of Audio Blood Artist and Brand Development; Maylee Todd, musician, composer & performer; Maria Pettler, Label & Artist Management for Outside Music- home of Jill Barber, the Sadies & Jenn Grant. Celebrate International Women’s Day! Listen to leading women in the industry, including performers, managers and record labels, talk about starting and growing in the music biz. Topics range from performance prep to networking to signing with a label. We will be raffling off a guitar as a fundraiser for the Girls Rock Camp. Young women are invited to a meet and greet with Girls Rock Camp teachers between 1 & 2 pm.

Saturday, March 14 | 2pm
Professional Drummer Secrets: Choosing Your Sticks and Tuning Your Drums with Mark Cavarzan

Drummer Mark Cavarzan of Juno nominated and Gold record selling Brighton Rock will go over the principles that the pros use in deciding the size and tip of their sticks, and the type of head that best suits different music and drumming styles. He will also review drum maintenance and drum head tuning to get the best sounds out of your acoustic kit. Presentation at 2pm in the drum shop. Mark will be here between 11am and 4pm for consultation and personal demos. RSVP: info@long-mcquade.com.

Thursday, March 19 | 7pm
Cajon Playing Clinic with Alejandro Cespedes

Our most popular clinic of last year returns! Cuban percussionist Alejandro Cespedes will conduct a hands-on clinic for all levels of players. He will cover: Basic cajon/hand drumming technique; practicing exercises and playing the cajon in different styles of music . Bring your cajon and learn from this master percussionist.  A limited quantity of cajons will be available to use at this clinic. Alejandro has performed as a multi-faceted percussionist with Bobby McFerrin, Bernard Fowler, Jane Bunnett and the Buena Vista Social Club. He brings a tremendous enthusiasm to his classes that will bring out the best in all participants. Cespedes is an artist / endorser of Pearl / Adams Musical Instruments and Humes & Berg.

Saturday, March 21 | 2pm
Drop the BASSICS – Introduction to DJing with DJ ADUB

Andrew Woollard, product specialist with Long & McQuade and one of the busiest working DJs in the area, gives you the lowdown on choosing your first controller and software: Serato vs Traktor vs Virtual D; Beatmatching without sync; Organizing your music library; Basic functions: loop roll, FX, cue points and building your DJ emergency kit. This is a hands-on workshop with plenty of swag!  RSVP: info@long-mcquade.com.

Saturday, March 28 | 2pm
Effective FX for Guitarists: Getting the Best out of Your Guitar FX Pedals with Jeremy Rouse

There are tone secrets hidden in your pedal set up. Learn about proper order to set up effects; powering multiple effects units minimizing noise; creative ways to combine pedals; and pedals as instruments & noisemakers on their own. Jeremy Rouse is a guitar tech at Long & McQuade, but his first love is guitar pedals. He builds them, takes them apart and modifies them, and makes magic with them. Bring your pedal board if you have one.

2777 Steeles Avenue West, 416.663.8612
Inquiries and Registration: Travis at twoods@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 7 | 2pm
Basic Guitar Setup and Maintenance with Dan Clark

Dan will discuss restringing, playability, action, intonation, truss rods, saddles, humidification, and the tools needed to adjust the instrument. He will set up a stock guitar as an example.
Saturday, March 14 | 2pm
Ukulele Clinic with Manitoba Hal

Manitoba Hal is an accomplished songwriter and ukulele player. Using a combination of looping technology and effects he creates a performance that is one-of-a-kind. His combination of finger picking and strumming creates an instantly accessible sound.  Please join us for an informative and fun ukulele experience!

Saturday, March 21 | 2pm
Guitar Effects 101 with Dan Clark

Dan will cover effect types, power supplies, combining effects, pedal boards, and buffers vs true bypass. He will use practical demonstrations as well as recorded examples.

900 Rathburn Road West, 905.273.3939
Inquiries and Registration: Pat at pfurlan@long-mcquade.com

Monday, March 16 | 7pm
Know Your Fretboard, Know Your Music with Rob Tardik

Co-sponsored by Godin and D’Addario. Join award-winning musician and educator Rob Tardik as he discusses everything from fretboard learning strategies, chops building, harmony and soloing techniques, to sound business advice to get your music heard in this ever-changing landscape!

Monday, March 23 | 7pm
Make a Youtube Video with Lou Trottier

In 2015, self producing a high quality video is the best way to get your band noticed and your music heard.  Lou Trottier got an early start in making GREAT YOUTUBE videos. He made the video that brought Mississauga guitarist Donna Grantis to the attention of Prince.

Monday, March 30 | 7pm
Tube Amps and the Quest for Tone with Pat Furlan

Guitarists love to talk about their tone. Pat of Long & McQuade Mississauga got his start rescuing broken old Fender, Marshall and Traynor amps. Recently he helped in the design process of the Traynor 50th Anniversary tribute amp. This is always a well attended and popular seminar.

370 Main Street North, 905.450.4334
Inquiries and Registration: Charles at cnagel@long-mcquade.com

Tuesday, March 10 | 7pm
Hand Drumming with Larry Crowe

This clinic will feature a demonstration of various hand drums and percussion from around the world, and a discussion on various rhythms and patterns from different cultures. Participa
tion by audience members is encouraged, and all ages and levels are welcome. Larry has taught drums for over a decade and has worked with award-winning musicians in various genres.

Tuesday, March 17 | 7pm
So You Want to Start a Home Studio with George Cattapan

Join our resident recording guru George Cattapan for an information packed clinic on both starting up and taking your studio to the next level.  George has produced music for a variety of television and film projects, and is best known for his work on the hit TV series Survivorman.

Tuesday, March 24 | 7pm
Guitar Maintenance with Justin Furgason & Michael Kishundat

Learn proper string changing; tuning and intonation; basic set-up and long term care for your instrument in the extreme Canadian climate. 

3180 Mainway Drive, 905.319.3330
Inquiries and Registration: Paul at pstewart@long-mcquade.com

Wednesday, March 11 | 7pm
YouTube - The New MTV with Paul Stewart

In 2015, self producing a high quality video is the best way to get your band noticed and your music heard. In this clinic, Paul will discuss:
• Making your musical video posts look and sound better
• Choosing the best cameras
• Live audio vs. lip synced
• Multicamera video

Wednesday, March 25 | 7pm
Live Looping with Jacob Moon

Known for his amazing live shows which feature his command of the guitar (often sounding like a full orchestra), and his renowned skill as a “live looper,” award-winning singer/songwriter Jacob Moon will share some of his insight into how to achieve this feat.
THIS CLINIC TAKES PLACE AT Studio Theatre at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre  440 Locust Street.