Long & McQuade University - Kingston, ON

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Long & McQuade University - Kingston, ON

Saturday, March 4 | 2 pm
Fundamentals of Jazz Improvisation

In this one hour clinic, Steve Holt will examine some of the principles behind jazz improvisation, including a look back at the some of the history and the styles of improvisation, and a look inside the chordal and melodic structures of jazz today. Steve’s presentation will include handouts and live demonstrations.

Tuesday, March 7 | 7 pm
How to Play Along on Drums with Nigel Maynard

Nigel “MaynStreet” Maynard gives some insight into learning different drumming styles, playing along to tracks, understanding what to listen to while playing, and drum set positioning. He will also speak about warm up exercises and the concept of time versus pocket. 

Saturday, March 25 | 2 pm
Songwriting with Jerry Leger

Jerry has released seven acclaimed albums and will discuss his songwriting journey and process, as well as his biggest influences and what they’ve taught him. He will also discuss how his process has changed over the years and what has stayed the same.


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Location: Kingston 2762 Princess St    Phone: (613) 384-9225