Long & McQuade Learning Series - Calgary, AB
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Calgary, AB

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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Calgary, AB

CALGARY NORTH - 10 Royal Vista Dr. NW
Registration & inquiries may be sent to Nikki Macaulay at nmacaulay@long-mcquade.com.

Saturday, March 3 | 3pm
How to be a Career Guitarist with Sam Coulson

English guitar virtuoso Sam Coulson will provide insight on how to make a living playing the guitar. We live in an age where we have full advantage of the internet to help achieve this. Sam is excited to share some advice on how to have a successful career within the music industry. Sam is currently playing guitar for the chart topping progressive rock band ASIA. Sam has also played and worked alongside Paul Gilbert, Guthrie Govan, Tony MacAlpine and Walter Trout to name a few. 

Saturday, March 10 | 3pm
A Focussed and Effective Practice Routine for Drummers with Brent Gerlitz

Brent will demonstrate and discuss practice techniques including: how to make your drumming flow, odd groupings for creativity, rudiments and fills, flams, cool hand-foot combinations, and much more! Brent is an energetic, experienced and creative educator with a proven ability to get the very best out of students. Brent has more than twenty years of playing experience, and has shared the stage with many popular performers including Jann Arden, Biff Naked, Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts, just to name a few.

Saturday, March 17 | 3pm
Getting the Band Back Together!

Join Brent Gerlitz, Sam Coulson, and Mike Cann as a trio, where they will dissect musical parts, famous riffs and hooks, and explain why each of these work so well together within certain songs. A good band member has to be thorough in knowing and playing their part well, but they also need to listen to each other and play off one another in order to come together as a cohesive unit. Learn how new harmonic and rhythmic ideas can come forward and take songs in a new direction, or even make them an instant classic!

Saturday, March 24 | 3pm
Jazz Guitar Techniques for Non-Jazz Guitarists with Neil McVey

Focused on intermediate guitarists, this clinic will be for anyone who wants to take what they already know, apply some new elements, and move it in a new direction. Neil will discuss and demonstrate an altered “blues” scale introducing notes, lines, and runs that are accessible to most players. He will also discuss jazz chord voicings, standard progressions, popular gear that suits the genre, and more.

Saturday, March 31 | 3pm
Analog Synthesizers Exposed with John Leimseider

John will discuss analog synthesizers in general, talking about some of his favorites, and demonstrating just how powerful and rich they are when compared to their digital counterparts. John will be demonstrating the capabilities of a Dave Smith OB-6 and a Prophet 12. John is an internationally recognized authority when it comes to the inner workings of synthesizers and vintage gear.  He has worked on, taken apart, put back together, and resurrected countless models of synths and recording equipment. 

CALGARY EAST - 3404 5th Ave. NE
Registration & inquiries may be sent to Phil Krawczuk at pkrawczuk@long-mcquade.com.

Saturday, March 24 | 1pm
Take the Stage with Killer Karen McKinnon

Join Killer Karen McKinnon and learn about using stage presence to command the attention of your audience. Currently a Certified Live Music Method Coach, Karen’s stage presence clinics will explain how to create “moments” in your shows. From singing, dance, and drama, to working with award-winning rock bands, and recording artists, performing was written in Karen’s DNA.

Saturday, March 31 | 1pm
Mastering 101 with Dave Horrocks

Join mastering engineer Dave Horrocks as he uses examples to explain what mastering is, how it is done, and how best to prepare your projects for it. His 30 year career spans several audio disciplines, several thousand projects, with listening audiences numbering in the hundreds of millions. His diverse list of credits includes projects for such artists as Rufus Wainwright, Questlove, Jann Arden, and Paul Brandt, just to name a few. He has also worked on broadcast music for The Super Bowl, World Cup, as well as music for the NBA and NFL.

CALGARY SOUTH - 225 58th Ave. SE 
Registration & inquiries may be sent to Jay Sinclair at jsinclair@long-mcquade.com.

Saturday, March 3 | 2-4pm
Acoustic Guitar Maintenance/Floyd Rose Tremolo 101 with Jim Mozell

Guitar tech Jim Mozell will cover the basics of guitar care for acoustic instruments. He will discuss proper humidity and humidity issues, and general maintenance and care. Jim will also discuss the Floyd Rose, and locking tremolo systems, how to set up and tweak locking tuning systems, troubleshooting and setting intonation, as well as going over the parts and mechanics of a guitar. 

Tuesday, March 13 | 6pm
An Introdoction to Roland Home Pianos

Hosted by David Devlin and Dan Amorim of Roland Canada, this informational session will take you on a tour of Roland Home Pianos.  Learn about the features that make Roland pianos a great option for any family!

Saturday, March 17 | 1-3pm
Learn Live Looping with Jacob Moon

Roots musician Jacob Moon has played for RUSH, Marillion, and Gordon Lightfoot during his 20 years on the road. Join us as he shares his proven strategies for being an effective live looper, and demonstrates how students can unlock their own creativity using the BOSS RC 300 and other popular looping pedals. Jacob’s performance will include original songs and covers orchestrated with a combination of musical taste and technical wizardry.

Thursday, March 22 | 6pm
Line 6 Helix Sessions

The Helix family of products are powerful rig solutions that can allow anyone to create all the tones they desire. Take a deep dive into Helix to learn about how to setup and use multi-amp rigs, creating tones from scratch, connecting to a console or amp, creating footswitch assignments, adding effects, and much more. If you are just starting to get into the the digital world of amps and FX, or if you are an experienced pro looking for some more tips, you don’t want to miss this!

Monday, March 26 | 9:30am-12pm
Ultimate Music Theory with Glory St. Germain

Join us at the Ultimate Music Theory workshop, a teacher pedagogy workshop featuring Glory St. Germain! Author Glory St. Germain will showcase her proven system to score 100% on nationally recognized theory exams including the RCM Theory Exams – the NEW UMT Supplemental Series! Discover the three master keys to teaching: analysis, melody writing, and music history. RSVP here

Tuesday, March 27 | 6pm
Get Your “Fit” Together with Tamara Beatty

Ten-season voice coach on NBC’s The Voice, Tamara Beatty, joins us again this year to help get your “fit” together! If you’re having trouble expressing yourself without hesitation, and feel like you aren’t able to get out what’s inside, lack of fitness may be the problem! Training your voice in the proper way will not only lead to more stability, strength, stamina, and control - it will lead to what’s really important - an authentic voice. In this clinic Tamara will go over three of the five Core Training Pillars that you can use to be more impactful, expressive, and memorable. Join Tamara in this 90-minute clinic and get your ‘fit’ together!

Saturday, March 31 | 2pm
Sax/Clarinet Set Up and Care Clinic with Bill Mandryk

Bill’s presentation will help demystify the plethora of reed, mouthpiece, and ligature choices available through the store. Additionally he will address some common issues with sax maintenance. There will also be a component on practice techniques and ideas for improving practice efficiency. Bill Mandryk plays alto, tenor, and bari saxes. He doubles on flute. 

Fee: FREE!