Long & McQuade Learning Series - St. John's, NL
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - St. John's, NL

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - St. John

Monday, March 12 | 7pm (IN-STORE, 447 Kenmount Rd.)
The Art of the Groove with Norm Stockton

Presented by Gallien-Krueger and Yorkville Sound. Join Norm as he discusses: the bassist’s role, groove and timekeeping, working with a drummer, technique, gear, musical styles, arranging parts, groovicidal tendencies, and more. Norm is an internationally known bassist, educator and clinician. He was the touring and recording bassist for chart-topping worship artist (and former Steve Perry guitarist) Lincoln Brewster. Norm has performed or recorded with a number of Grammy Award-winning artists.

Saturday, March 24 | 11am (FAIRFIELD INN, 199 Kenmount Rd.)
Introduction to Recording with Sean Harris and Dylan Rose

Looking to take the plunge into home recording? Don’t know where to begin? This clinic will introduce you to the basics of software and computer based recording. We will look at signal flow and session set up, why plugins are useful tools, and how to use them effectively. There will also be an introduction to compression and EQ, and why they are extremely useful tools for the recording engineer.

Saturday, March 24 | 2pm (FAIRFIELD INN, 199 Kenmount Rd.)
Drum Circle with Tom Alteen

Join us for an afteroon of drumming and inspiring words. If you have a heart beat you can drum - step outside of the box and join the circle! Come as yourself, be yourself, leave feeling energized, connected, happy, and alive.  All are welcome, and no experience is necessary. Some djembes will be supplied, but if you have one please bring you own. The drum circle is guided by Tom Alteen of Musubi Drum Circles.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Bob Davis at bdavis@long-mcquade.com.

Location: St. John's 447 Kenmount Road    Phone: (709) 753-1885
Fee: FREE!