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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Toronto Pro

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Toronto Pro

Registration & inquiries may be sent to Graham Collins at gcollins@long-mcquade.com.

Thursday, March 14 | 7:00pm
Modular Synthesis: Basics and Beyond with Graham Collins

Whether you are a Eurorack enthusiast, work in Reaktor, Softube's 'Modular', VCV Rack or similar, this clinic will cover the basics of getting started and understanding modular synthesis. Topics will include module types, cases and powering, oscillator types, filters, differing voltage systems, interfacing with computer DAWs, and much more as time permits. No experience is required, though some basic familiarity with synthesizers is recommended.

Friday, March 22 | 7:00pm
Universal Audio Producers' Night - A Panel Discussion

Join us for an evening of discussion with Universal Audio-affiliated local producers and engineers: Ian Bodzasi, Kevin Dietz, and Vic Florencia will be our panelists, and we’ll be discussing a myriad of topics including: mixing and production techniques, plugins, and much more. The discussion will be followed by a brief Q&A period. If you’ve wanted to know how the pros do it, this is the clinic to attend!       

Thursday, March 28 | 7:00pm
Pro Tools 2018 - Interactive Demo (Beginner to Intermediate) with Jim Zolis

If you've ever been interested in using Pro Tools, or if you've used it in the past and are looking to get re-acquainted, our resident Pro Tools guru and recording engineer Jim Zolis will be conducting an interactive demo of the latest version of the famed recording software. Topics covered include: session setup, session templates, plugin chains, and mixing/mastering in the box.

Fee: FREE!