Long & McQuade Learning Series - Port Coquitlam, BC
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Port Coquitlam, BC

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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Port Coquitlam, BC

Monday, March 4 | 6:00pm
Creating the Perfect Electronic Kick Sound For Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop and EDM

Just as it is important to have a proper source sound to achieve a good final mix, sculpting the correct kick sound in your electronic productions will allow you greater control than a sample. In this clinic, Erron Sweeney will take you through the same methods used by professional music producers around the world to control the deep thump, punch and attack that is the center of most modern mixes. Erron will show you how to achieve this with the tools included in three popular DAWs: Cubase, Ableton and Reason.

Wednesday, March 13 | 6:00pm
“....So What Does It Do?” A Primer on Ableton Live, Launchpads & MIDI Mapping

You’ve heard of people using Ableton Live software to augment their live performances in crazy ways. You ask yourself,”But how do I do that!? What does it actually do? How does the Ableton Live software work? Join Ableton Live whisperer and general music software expert, A.J. Buckley as he answers all these questions and so much more. He’ll cover things like how to get started working in Ableton Live, setting up a launchpad, and how to use the Ableton Live software to add to your shows using MIDI controllers and audio interfaces to add virtual instruments, backing tracks, FX, and even control visuals like light shows and video.

Monday, March 18 | 6:00pm
The Great Debate - Multi FX Units vs Stomp Boxes

In the past decade, guitarists have been divided on what approach to take in achieving that “Sound in their head”. Many have made the switch from the traditional pedal board/amp setup, to a more modern approach of a Multi-FX or Amp Modelling unit. However, there are still many musicians who enjoy the thrill of finding that combination of pedals that is so unique, that no Multi-FX unit has been able to replicate it for them.

Saturday, March 23 | 3:00pm
Guitar Clinic with Roger Cranford

Roger will be describing and demonstrating a range of concepts, resources and exercises that he’s been using to expand his musical awareness and ability over the last few years, specifically (but not limited to) composing, improvisation, performance, technique, philosophy, theory and ear training. He will also suggest a universal curriculum that is intended to help guitarists discover where to “go next” with their abilities, training, and goals. Roger will also discuss his switch from his previous “large tube amp/pedal board” touring setup to the Kemper Amps Digital Modeling Amp.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Brandon Smith at bsmith@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Port Coquitlam 1360 Dominion Avenue    Phone: (604) 464-1011
Fee: FREE!