Long & McQuade Learning Series - Regina, SK
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Regina, SK

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Regina, SK

Saturday, March 9 | 2:00pm
Getting out of Your Guitar Rut with Jack Semple

Tired of playing the same old things on guitar? Has your passion for you instrument faded over the years? Are you stuck in a rut and keep playing the same things over and over, year after year? Juno Award winner and Western Canadian Music Award winner Jack Semple will be hosting this extremely refreshing clinic aimed at helping guitar players reignite their passion for guitar playing. New ideas, new perspectives and new techniques will be explored.

Saturday, March 16 | 2:00pm
Setting up a Pedalboard

Ben Winoski, Aaron Andrychuk and Jordan Dreger will be talking all things pedal-board related. Pedal order, pedal power, pedal placement. This clinic is aimed at the player who has a few pedals and is looking to get them onto a board. Ever wondered what power supply you need or what cables to use? Are you curious about different methods of mounting your pedals to your board or what board to look for? This is the pedal-board clinic for you.

Saturday, March 23 | 2:00pm
Dan Flaman & Tim Roth Present: The Double Helix

Dan Flaman and Tim Roth, from the Regina Long & McQuade guitar department will be hosting this in depth clinic about the Line 6 Helix from two perspectives. Both the perspective of the “at home player” and the “on stage player” will be discussed. The Helix is a fairly new guitar processor that has been gaining momentum among guitarists lately. Dan and Tim, both Helix owners, will be talking about the ins and outs of the Helix, exploring simple and advances uses for this processor. This clinic is directed at existing Helix owners looking to get more out of their processor and anyone curious about whether the Helix is right for them.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Ben Winoski at bwinoski@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Regina 1445 McIntyre Street    Phone: (306) 569-8501
Fee: FREE!