Long & McQuade Learning Series - Brampton, ON
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Brampton, ON

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Brampton, ON

Saturday, March 2 | 2:00pm
I, IV, V……and Beyond! With Carmen Spada

Calling all composers, songwriters, arrangers, improvisers, and musicians of any style! Learn some basic principles of melody and harmony that can transform your songs from simple, common chord changes, into longer, richer harmonic progressions, giving you artistic control of the harmonies you want to employ in any song, in any style! Bring your knowledge of 12 keys, key signatures, diatonic triads, and diatonic 7th chords, and leave the rest to us!

Wednesday, March 20 | 7:30pm
The Pros of Joining a PRO with Aidan D’Aoust

Learn how you can collect performance royalties and benefit from being a SOCAN member.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Charles Nagel at cnagel@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Brampton 12 Vodden Street E    Phone: (905) 450-4334
Fee: FREE!