Long & McQuade Learning Series - Cambridge, ON
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Cambridge, ON

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Cambridge, ON

Tuesday, March 5 | 7:00pm
Improvising on Electric Bass

Learn how Jason Raso uses a chord tone approach to improvise bass lines and solos. Jason will also discuss building a practice routine and staying positive about your playing. Jason Raso is a professional bassist and the author of “Improvising on Electric Bass” from Mel Bay Publications.

Tuesday, March 19 | 7:00pm
On the Road with Steve Strongman

Come and share the unique opportunity to hear JUNO award winning Guitar Hero Steve Strongman talk about his approach to guitar playing, singing and songwriting, as well as sharing personal stories from his almost 30 year career in the music business. Steve will discuss tone, his chosen touring equipment, as well as his lifelong love affair with Gibson Guitars. He will also discuss his process in the recording studio as well as his mindset when performing live. Some discussion topics will include open tunings, slide guitar techniques, Vibrato, Hybrid picking, string bending technique….all demonstrated on both acoustic and electric Gibson guitars.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Fred Burchill at fburchill@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Cambridge 175 Beverly Street    Phone: (519) 622-1970
Fee: FREE!