Long & McQuade Learning Series - Mississauga, ON
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Mississauga, ON

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Mississauga, ON

Monday, March 4 | 7:00pm
Bass Clinic with Jason Raso

Join critically acclaimed musician, composer and bandleader Jason Raso for a free solo bass performance and a Q&A session. In addition to performing songs form his new album, Man of 40 Faces, Jason will discuss writing, technique, practice, gear and more! Exclaim Magazine describes Raso as a “…full-on orchestra of ground vibrating pleasure.”

Monday, March 11 | 7:00pm
Know your Fretboard with Rob Tardik

Rob will demonstrate techniques and real-world theory that allow for greater expression and creativity in your playing. Whether you’re just starting out, or have many years of playing under your belt, knowing your fretboard is a skill that will boost your confidence when improvising and creating new music.

Saturday, March 30 | 12:00pm
Make Your Guitar Sing: Fingerstyle and Classical Workshop

Megan will be covering some of the necessary techniques to get classical and fingerstyle guitar players on the path to success. This workshop will include topics such as shaping your natural vibrato, finger dexterity, and how to develop a “rest stroke” tone.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Pat Furlan at pfurlan@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Mississauga 900 Rathburn Road W    Phone: (905) 273-3939
Fee: FREE!