Long & McQuade Learning Series - Saint John, NB
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Saint John, NB

This event has expired.
Long & McQuade Learning Series - Saint John, NB

Wednesday, March 6 | 7:00pm
Recording 101 with Adam Moore

This course will cover the basics of recording, including essential gear (computer, DAW’s, interfaces, mics), knowing your gear and room, getting ready (setup, gain staging, DAW and stand alone setup), acoustics, basic mic placement, software Instruments, and mixing. Adam has gained respect from the public and music community for his versatile musicianship and high energy shows.

Wednesday, March 13 | 7:00pm
Looping 101 with Stephen Lewis

Want to learn how to use a simple chord progression to practice your lead licks? Or maybe you want to turn yourself into a total one-person-band? New Brunswick’s own legend of looping will show you how looping can enhance your playing ability and transform your musical creativity. Stephen is an international touring performer with festival performances at Burning Man, The Boomtown Fair (UK), Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, and many more.

Wednesday, March 20 | 7:00pm
MIDI and Recording with Michael Bauer

This clinic will be focused around the beginner / bedroom recording artist who may or may not already have some knowledge regarding recording, and is interested in getting into the world of MIDI. While using MIDI controllers is simple once understood, the initial understanding of exactly how to interface controllers with a DAW, as well as other hardware can be hard to grasp without some guidance. Michael will explain the basic types of MIDI controllers, their main functions, the basic routing of MIDI to either hardware (synths) or to the DAW of your preference as well as suggesting some tips and tricks to adding virtual instruments, effects and useful controls to your tracks.

Wednesday, March 27 | 7:00pm
Alternate Tunings and Creative Techniques for Guitar with Wesley Jagoe

Stuck in a creative rut? Playing with alternate tunings can be a great way to push your guitar playing into new, creative places. Dive in to learn some popular alternate tunings and how you can use them in your playing. Wes will be playing and singing his own songs to demonstrate his creative process. Wesley Jagoe is an ECMA nominated musician, prolific composer and artist, and has written and recorded hundreds of songs.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to the store at saintjohn@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Saint John 569 Rothesay Avenue    Phone: (506) 672-2937
Fee: FREE!