Long & McQuade Learning Series - Victoria, BC
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Victoria, BC

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Victoria, BC


Monday, March 2 | 6:30pm
Still Life Songwriting Clinic with Colleen Eccleston
For this clinic, Colleen is using the concept of a 'still life' to examine how to mine for language and song ideas by using perspective and a free writing technique. She will also discuss how this can work in using memories when writing a eulogy for someone. Please bring an object to add to the table, as well as a pencil and notebook.

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Colleen grew up all across Canada. She began her career at age 12 writing songs for CBC Films in Newfoundland, and toured extensively with Grand Union out of Calgary before attending UVic where she graduated with a BFA in Acting. Colleen continues acting, recording, song writing, touring, session work, children's theatre, and writing. Her music has been featured in plays, documentaries and on radio stations across the US, Canada, Germany, Holland and the UK.

Monday, March 23 | 6:30pm
Looping for Live Performance with Graeme Bousada
For beginners and experts alike! Graeme will discuss using loops in live performance, and will perform, answer questions and discuss techniques to get the most from your looper. Bousada is a live electronic looping performance artist based out of Victoria, BC. Combining elements of hip hop, jazz, RnB and electronica, the live show is high-energy, high vibe and guaranteed to get people dancing. Fronted by the masterful looper Graeme Bousada (Vox/keys), the show is built upon his live loops which he builds on the fly with a MIDI keyboard and drum pad. Unlike most producers, his use of pre-recorded tracks is incredibly sparse, as he prefers the spontaneity and challenge of building music from the ground up. A long-time singer-songwriter and incredible showman, his thoughtful lyrics and raw enthusiasm are infectious and create a vibe that totally enraptures audiences.

Monday, March 30 | 6:30pm
Recording 101 with Ray Wilson    
Learn the basics of what you need to capture your music using your computer. From hardware to software, learn what components are necessary and how to set up your new gear to begin recording in minutes. With more than 30 years of studio and recording experience, Ray spends much of his free time educating others in the art of audio engineering. By day he is a Sales Manager at Yorkville Sound; by night he is the owner of Synergy Studio in Pickering, Ontario, working with local artists in the Toronto area.


Registration & inquiries may be sent to Shaun at swilson@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Victoria 756 Hillside Avenue    Phone: (250) 384-3622
Fee: FREE!