Long & McQuade Learning Series - Calgary, AB
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Calgary, AB

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Calgary, AB


CALGARY NORTH - 10 Royal Vista Drive NW

Saturday, March 14 | 3:00pm
School Band Basics with Morgan McKee

So your child is interested in band.....what next?  Join woodwind clinician, conductor, and band parent Morgan McKee for an info session touching on the differences between the common instrument types in your school band.  There will be live demos, comparisons, handouts, and the opportunity to try out various horns!
Registration & inquiries may be sent to calgarynorth@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 28 | 3:00pm
Caring for Your Guitar with Pat Huggard

Join our in-house guitar tech, Pat Huggard as he discusses all things guitar care.  Pat will cover some of the more basic things one should do to properly look after their instrument while illustrating what would normally take place with a standard set-up, for when it’s time to book your axe in for a little TLC. This session is aimed at beginners looking to handle the most basic care of their instrument and for those who want a better understanding of what happens in the shop.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to calgarynorth@long-mcquade.com

CALGARY SOUTH - 225 58 Avenue SE

Saturday, March 7 | 2:00pm

This workshop will be a concert demonstration. Each of the drummers will be discussing their interest and approach to the drums as we introduce the concepts and techniques involved in the pieces we perform. We will touch on drum tuning, ethnic grooves, listening, ensemble playing, practice and rehearsal strategies and our favorite drummers and influences. K'BOOM is a quartet comprised of four of Calgary's finest drummers exploring the musical possibilities of four drum sets through structured improvisation. The music ranges from sparse, open, atmospheric soundscapes to thundering Latin or African based grooves and from drum interpretations of jazz standards to straight up funk.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bshea@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 14 | 2:00pm
Being a Working Musician and Exactly What That Means with Chris Byrne

Join Chris as he covers the different basses he uses to get different sounds for any needed application, effects, fingerstyle and muting technique, slap, tapping, reading music and the Nashville number system, and session etiquette. Chris started playing professionally at 16 and has toured blues clubs across the U.S. and Canada through most of his 20's. He's a Juno award winner, a multiple CCMA winner, and has recorded and played with artists such as The Road Hammers, Jason McCoy, George Canyon, Gord Bamford, Amy Helm, Matt Anderson, Big Sugar, Chantal Kreviazuk, Richard Marx, ands Dean Broady.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bshea@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 21 | 7:00pm
Drum Clinic with Randy Black​

Join Randy as he breaks down a few of the rudiments he often uses, first on a pad and then on the kit. He will provide tips and advice on how to be a successful drummer/musician in the music business, as well as spend some time explaining endorsements and how to get them. Randy is a Canadian-born Rock/Metal drummer and recording artist known best for his stints as the drummer for Click, Bif Naked, Annihilator, Rebellion, Skew Siskin, DuskMachine and Primal Fear. He has a playing style that is notable for his ability to play ambidextrously with a symmetrical set of cymbals, specifically a dual set of remote hi-hats and ride cymbals to his right and to his left respectively.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bshea@long-mcquade.com

Tuesday, March 24 | 6:00pm
"Synths Are Cool Again" - The Fundamentals of Subtractive Synthesis with Steve Fletcher    

This course will mainly focus on desktop and software-based synthesizers. Topics covered will include things such as basic signal flow of a subtractive synthesizer, oscillators, filters, modulation for expressiveness and experimentation, using FX to enhance your sound, and how to recreate classic synth sounds.  Steve will also discuss amps and envelope generators with information on how to apply them to create unique patches. Steve is proficient on numerous keyboard instruments including Hammond organ, synthesizers and all manner of vintage electro-mechanical keyboards. He is a Juno nominee that has shared the stage and opened for acts such as Mumford and Sons, The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo, and Big Sugar.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bshea@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 28 | 2:00pm
Unveiling the Secrets of Mastery with Gavin Sorochan​    

Gavin's clinic will deal with the practical understanding and application of complex rhythmic concepts. His methodology includes demonstrating the highest drumming motifs popularized by today's contemporaries. Gavin gives each attending musician the tools and resources necessary to explore and execute their personal creativity.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to bshea@long-mcquade.com

CALGARY EAST - 3404 5 Avenue NE​

Wednesday, March 11 | 7:00pm
Recording and Mixing with Josh Gwilliam​    

Join us with Josh Gwilliam from OCL Studios to discuss recording and mixing techniques. Josh has worked as an engineer for bands such as The Road Hammers and George Canyon, which have contributed to Platinum Records and Juno Awards for the artists. Josh began his career as a producer and engineer in 2001. He has held his place behind the glass for the last 14 years working with a wide array of artists such as Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Miesha & The Spanks, Ghosts of Modern Man, and Sidney York.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to gszentner@long-mcquade.com

Saturday, March 14 | 1:00pm
Ableton 101 with Gabriel Soto    

Sit in with Gabriel Soto aka FORTUNA, for an introduction to Ableton along with some producing tips. Gabriel Soto is a gigging musician, electronic producer and Ableton Certified Trainer based in Calgary. His ingenuity and years of musical experience make him a natural fit for the stage, playing synthesizers and keyboards with a variety of bands across a breadth of genres - from EDM, to Indie Pop, and all the way to Prog Rock.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to gszentner@long-mcquade.com

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