Long & McQuade Learning Series - Toronto, ON (Bloor St.)
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Toronto, ON (Bloor St.)

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Toronto, ON (Bloor St.)


Saturday, March 7, 2:00pm
Learn to Adjust Guitar Truss Rods with Jane Unan

Join Long & McQuade guitar technician Jane Unan for a hands-on workshop covering the function of a truss rod and how to make effective adjustments. Participants will learn and practice how to “read” neck relief, select the correct size of truss rod wrench, and adjust a variety of truss rods. Bring a guitar (or use one of ours) and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to improve the playability of your instrument. 

Thursday, March 12 | 7:00pm
The Bass Guitar: Improvising Basslines and Solos with Vaughan Misener
Vaughan will cover many concepts including technique, reading chord charts, using the metronome effectively for practice, making effective bass lines in various styles, and soloing over chord changes.  Vaughan Misener is an internationally acclaimed bassist who has played with some of the finest musicians in both North America and Europe. This clinic is perfect for anyone interested in bass technique and what role the bass guitar plays in music!

Saturday, March 14 | 2:00pm
Enhance your Live Performance with Storytelling with Michel Neray
Your stage performance is more than your music. The people who come to hear you live want something more than what they can hear on Spotify or iTunes. Sure, you can go through your setlist like a pro, but at a live concert, especially in a setting where you have an opportunity to truly engage with your audience, what you say in between songs is just as important as the songs themselves. In this session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of storytelling to help you better engage your audience. You’ll gain confidence in revealing just enough of the story behind the song in a way that helps your audience interact with your music more deeply and more meaningfully than ever. Michel Neray is a 20-year veteran as a professional speaker and is the founder of momondays; the longest-running storytelling event in Toronto that is now in 12 cities across Canada. 

Sunday, March 15 | 1:00pm **THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED**
6 Steps to Teach or Play (Almost) Any Popular Song on the Piano with Liz Craig
As a wedding and event pianist, Liz Craig is often requested to perform the most current popular songs. She will share her experiences learning and teaching this music through her innovative and simple six step process. Accompanying the steps is a discussion of apps and other resources to help along the way. This presentation will help connect teachers to their students in a more dynamic way as well as explore the music everyone is already listening to. This session is highly practical and engaging for any teacher of music or anyone looking to broaden their marketable skills as a musician. Liz Craig is an award winning, Toronto-based pianist with a passion for making every event special through live music.

Saturday, March 21 | 2:00pm
Remote Recording with Michael Phillip Wojewoda
Please join us for an evening of tips and tricks on creating a “no compromise” remote recording with award winning mixer, producer and engineer, Michael Phillip Wojewoda. In February of 2017, Michael embarked on a journey to record Tundra rock legends, Northern Haze in Nunavut. Numerous challenges were presented on this trip, first and foremost were the logistics involved in bringing a portable studio to the arctic while still achieving a world-class recording. The album Siqinnaarut, is now up for a Juno Award for the 2020 Indigenous Music Album of the Year! Michael’s extensive credits include Barenaked Ladies, Ashley MacIsaac, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Doughboys, Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Great Big Sea, Northern Haze, and The Jerry Cans.

Thursday, March 26 | 7:00pm **THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELLED**
Steinberg Sessions Presents: Recording 101 with Brent Bodrug
Steinberg Sessions is a monthly workshop meetup for DIY recording enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wondered how to get started in the world of computer recording this workshop is the perfect place to start.

Saturday, March 28 | 2:00pm
Guitar Pedals 101 with Justin Waterfield
Guitar effects pedals are a fun and exciting element of guitar playing, but it can also be a confusing area to navigate. In this seminar, Justin Waterfield will take you through the vast world of effects pedals in an easy step-by-step method. You will learn about the different types of effects, how to use them in combination with each other, and how to build your dream pedalboard. Add in a healthy dose of myth-busting, and it’s going to be one awesome afternoon of learning!


Registration & inquiries may be sent to schapman@long-mcquade.com.

Location: 935 Bloor Street West (Upstairs in the clinic hall)
Fee: FREE!