Long & McQuade Learning Series - Courtenay, BC
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Courtenay, BC

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Courtenay, BC


Tuesday, March 10 | 6:00pm
Recording Drums with Jacob Gregory 
Jacob Gregory is a live and recording musician, teacher, as well as owner and operator of Aurora Studios in the Comox Valley. In this clinic he will share some pro tips and things to avoid when mic'ing drums for recording. Mic placement, equipment, and secrets of the pros are all covered.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to khingley@long-mcquade.com.

Tuesday, March 17 | 6:00pm
Basics of Pedal Boards with Matteo Kennedy
Our own Matteo Kennedy will introduce setting up a pedal board. He will cover do's and don’ts as well as some of the fun and technical aspects of setting up a pedalboard. Matteo is Long & McQuade Courtenay's electric guitar sales and repairs guy. He loves all things gear and is always excited to share his wisdom with others.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to matteokennedy@long-mcquade.com.

Saturday, March 21 | 4:00pm

Flamenco Guitar with Oscar Robles Diaz
Have you ever wanted to try playing Latin music on guitar but weren't sure where to start? In this interactive clinic, Oscar will show you the basics of Flamenco guitar. Feel free to bring your guitar to this clinic - especially your nylon stringed classical or Flamenco guitar. Oscar Robles Diaz is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, recording artist and composer. Oscar has a Bachelor's of Music degree from Mexico's National University (UNAM)'s classical guitar program.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to courtenaylessons@long-mcquade.com.

Wednesday, March 25 | 6:00pm

The Art and Business of Songwriting with Doug Folkins
One of the Comox Valley's many successful artists, Doug Folkins has quietly been earning his living writing and selling songs in Nashville for decades. He will let you in on some of the tips of the trade, how to craft a song for the market, what's selling, and where to start when you think you have a hit on your hands. Doug is a signed writer with Nashville publisher Lynn Gann Music Enterprises.  His songs have been recorded by artists in the US and Canada, including radio singles, music videos, and multiple song placements on CNN, OWN, & National Geographic Channel programs.
Registration & inquiries may be sent to khingley@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Courtenay 960 England Ave    Phone: (250) 334-4885
Fee: FREE!