Long & McQuade Learning Series - Cambridge, ON
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - Cambridge, ON

Long & McQuade Learning Series - Cambridge, ON


Saturday, March 14 | 1:00pm
Pedals and Pedalboards with Russell Gray
Join Boss Product Specialist Russell Gray (Classic Albums Live, Alan Frew, Glass Tiger) for an interactive pedalboard clinic that covers everything you need to know to create your own custom pedalboard. He will cover topics such as what order to place effects (and some key exceptions), incorporating a looper into your set up, the 4-cable method and its uses, and creating iconic artist sounds using various FX pedals.

Monday, March 16 | 6:30pm
Recording 101 with Ray Wilson
Learn the basics of what you need to capture your music using your computer. From hardware to software, learn what components are necessary and how to set up your new gear to begin recording in minutes. With more than 30 years of studio and recording experience, Ray spends much of his free time educating others in the art of audio engineering. By day he is a Sales Manager at Yorkville Sound; by night he is the owner of Synergy Studio in Pickering, Ontario, working with local artists in the Toronto area.

Saturday, March 21 | 1:00pm
DJ 101 with SF Marketing's Brennan Galley
Learn about the different feature sets of entry level to step up Pioneer DJ Controllers. Brennan witll also cover how to connect a controller to a PA system and booth speaker, preparing a track for playback with headphones, the fundamentals of mixing in key and in time, and what to consider with the choice between RekordBox and Serato. 


Registration & inquiries may be sent to fburchill@long-mcquade.com.

Location: Cambridge 175 Beverly Street    Phone: (519) 622-1970
Fee: FREE!