Long & McQuade Learning Series - White Rock, BC
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Long & McQuade Learning Series - White Rock, BC

Long & McQuade Learning Series - White Rock, BC


Saturday, March 14 | 12:00pm
The Boss & Roland Road Show with Paul Hermann & Danny Underwood
Everything you wanted to know about Boss and Roland products but were afraid to ask!  This event/clinic runs from 12pm to 5pm and will feature demonstrations of the latest 'hot off the press' new releases from across the Boss and Roland universe.  From guitar pedals to synths to electronic drums!  Some of these items will have never been seen outside of the Roland laboratory - and they are all going to be here for you to try!  No RSVP required.  Great for all ages, skill levels and styles! 

Tuesday, March 31 | 7:00pm
Hybrid Drumming In The 21st Century! with Michael "Mike Machine" Mallais
This wide ranging clinic will cover a host of topics surrounding how to incorporate electronics into your drumming - from practice tips & methods that incorporate emerging technologies like apps for your phone or tablet, to getting the most out of your electronic drum kit, to blending acoustic and electronic drums together with sample pads and triggers. This will be a great clinic for drummers of all skill levels and styles!

Mike Mallais is a renowned professional drummer and sought after instructor, with established records in the World's Fastest Drummer competition that have not been broken!  He is an extremely passionate musician/teacher and is endorsed by Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals, and Headhunters signature drum sticks. 


Registration & inquiries may be sent to the store at whiterocklessons@long-mcquade.com    

Location: White Rock 2423 King George Boulevard    Phone: (604) 591-8525
Fee: FREE!