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Gibson Custom Shop ES-195 Hollowbody Electric with Bigsby and P94 Pickups - Ebony Finish

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Raw and refined in equal measure, the new ES-195 from Gibson Memphis is a rock and roll machine pure and simple, but can turn its ferocity to a surprisingly broad range of styles within that realmand plenty more outside it, too. Combining the rich pedigree of Gibsons tradition in archtop-electrics with the snarl and attitude of the companys seminal solidbody rockers, the ES-195 makes a striking statement with both its beguiling looks and monster tone.

Whats more, the ES-195 can turn its hand to jazz without breaking a sweat, thanks to a body proportioned and constructed in homage to the legendary ES-175 but thinner and a pair of humbucker-sized P-94 single-coil pickups. But one look at that Firebird-inspired Trini Lopez neck and headstock tells you theres far more under the hood: add some serious attitude when you hit the strings, then prepare yourself for pure rock fury.

A Bigsby vibrato tailpiece takes it all to another dimension, letting the ES-195 run from classic rockabilly growl, to meaty country twang, to atmospheric alternative excursions. On top of all this, the ES-195 looks superb in your choice of Ebony with chrome hardware, or Trans Amber Stain atop a Grade-AAA figured maple top with gold hardware--both complemented by distinctive split-diamond mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlays. With the ES-195, a new adventure in guitars awaits you at your authorized Gibson Memphis dealer.

Body and Neck
The ES-195 has a fully hollow body constructed in the ES-175 style, with laminated maple top, back, and sides, arched top and back with traditional f-holes and white top binding. It has a glued-in maple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard inlaid with mother-of-pearl split-diamond position markers. The headstock is patterned after the Trini Lopez model of the 1960s, itself inspired by Gibsons non-reverse Firebird.

Pickups and Electronics
To take you from roaring rock and roll to warm, purring jazz and spankin, twangin country, the ES-195 is equipped with a pair of Gibsons popular P-94 pickups modified to give hum canceling performance when played together. Made with genuine Alnico II magnets, these pickups are constructed in the image of the beloved P-90 single coil, and offer the same blend of bite and snarl, but are sized to fit traditional humbucker mounting rings. The standard four-knob control section of two independent volume and tone controls and a three-way Switchcraft toggle switch complete the electronics.

Hardware and Plastics
The ES-195 carries Gibsons legendary Tone Pros bridge with roller saddles on an ebony base, partnered with an authentic Bigsby tailpiece for smooth vibrato action. High-quality Grover Mini tuners grace the six-in-line headstock, and all hardware is gold-plated on the Trans Amber guitars, and chrome on the Ebony guitars. The Trans Amber ES-195 carries amber Top-Hat knobs, while the Ebony wears black Top-Hats, and both versions have a black five-ply pickguard and black truss-rod cover.

- Full Hollow body made from laminated maple
- Rosewood fingerboard with mother of pearl split-diamond inlays
- Powerful P-94 pickups in the neck and bridge positions
- Tone Pros bridge with roller saddles and Bigsby tailpiece
- Gold Grover Mini Tuners with 14:1 tuning ratio


Top: 3ply - Maple/Basswood/Maple
Body Type: Single chamber, Fully Hollow
Back: 3ply
Binding: Bound with multi-ply white/black/white on top and single ply white on back.

Species: Maple
Truss Rod: Traditional
Joint Angle: 4 (+/- 15 seconds)

Neck Fit
Joint: Mortise & Tenon
Joint: Angle Tolerance+/- .005"

Species: Rosewood
Radius: 12"
Nut/E.O.B: 1.710/2.070
Inlays: Pearloid Split Diamond
Binding: .075" White
Other: Standard Fret Wire/Black Plastic Side Dots

Material: Corian
Width: 1.710
Slots: Gibson PLEK System

Logo: Gold 'Gibson' Decal
Truss Rod Cover: Legacy Black and White
Angle: 17 Degrees

Model: Grover Mini Tuners
Plating: Gold on Trans Amber, Chrome on Ebony
Tuning Ratio: 14:01

Type: Roller Tune-O-Matic
Material: Zinc Die Cast Alloy
Plating: Gold on Trans Amber, Chrome on Ebony

Type: Aluminum Bigsby
Plating: Gold on Trans Amber, Chrome on Ebony

Knobs: Top Hats (Gold on Trans Amber, Chrome on Ebony)
Pickup Mounting Rings: Black Plastic
Strings: .010 - .046, Genuine Gibson strings
Strap Buttons: Aluminum End Pins

Neck Position: P-94 (Alnico II)
Bridge Position: P-94 (Alnico II)

- 1 Volume Control,
- 1 Tone Control
Type: 500k Audio Taper
Output Jack: 1/4" Switchcraft

Sealer: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
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