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Traynor - 500 Watt - 4 ohm Micro Head

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SKU:  #411322
Model: #SB500H
Your Price:   $490.00 CDN


Delivering a full 500 Watts at 4 ohms, the ultra compact and lightweight Traynor SB500H is the ideal professional bass head for the musician on the move. Loaded with essential features including Active and Passive level instrument inputs XLR DI output, a versatile four band EQ with an additional low frequency expander, the SB500H allows virtually any tone to be dialed in quickly and easily.

The all-metal chassis with front mounted handles to protect the knobs and jacks ensures the SB500H is fully road ready. A rear mounted in-line effects loop, selectable Pre/Post EQ XLR DI output, front mounted tuner out (with mute) and heavy duty Speakon speaker outs are included.

The SB500H is made in Canada and like all Traynor products, covered by an unconditional two-year transferable warranty.


500-watt Ultra Compact and Lightweight Bass Head
Versatile 4-band EQ with Additional Low Frequency Expander
All-Metal Chassis
Active and Passive Inputs
Selectable Pre / Post EQ XLR DI Output
Rear Mounted In-Line Effects Loop
Speakon Outputs
Made in Canada


Incredible head for the size & price
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Product Experience I own it Closest Store Ottawa Ontario
This amp is killer. I have it paired with the Traynor TC1510 cabinet (2x10" & 1x15" with adjustable tweeter all-in-one cab). It has a very flat EQ that allows your tone to come through as-is. More than I'll ever need (even at a medium-to-large sized gig), but this way I have tons of headroom even with some fuzz. It has a great feature-set. Built-in Limiter, mute, DI XLR out, effects loop, two 1/4" jack / SpeakOn outputs, and it's smaller and lighter than you'd think. It can be used without a cabinet connected, e.g. with headphones. I only removed one star from Features because I never understood 2 input jacks (one passive / one active) instead of a switch to select between the two, considering you can't use both inputs at the same time anyway. Also, a built-in tuner would be nice. Overall, this made-in-Canada amp is a superb offering from Traynor, a fantastic Canadian company (which originally started at Long & McQuade) with a widely-respected reputation. I emailed them a question and they got back to me almost immediately. You can't go wrong, especially for the price and with the unbeatable transferrable warranty - it's a keeper.

Posted by static on Dec 1, 2014
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